Supply Line Break Delays Bowie High Classes

Supply Line Break Delays Bowie High Classes
Monday, December 17, 2012 - 11:40am

A supply line break in Central El Paso causes problems for Bowie High School. Classes are delayed until noon today until school administrators fixed the problem.

On Monday morning, Nick Cobos, the Interim Principal of the school received a call, "I was notified shortly after 5 o'clock this morning that there has been a water line break," Nick Cobos says.

El Paso Water Utilities say it was actually a supply line break that caused the problem, prompting school district officials to inform students and parents. The interim principal says the break caused the schools water to shut down, therefore shutting down the restrooms. Some students say they did not receive a call from the school.

"Boring, why? We should have been at our house all asleep or doing something else instead of doing nothing," Omar Guereque, a Junior at BHS tells us. In fact, when we approached the student, he and his friends had no idea their classes were delayed until noon.

Cobos tells us, they did call parents and students this morning, however, some students and parents have not updated their current phone numbers with the school district. Other students seemed to find out through social networking, "some of my friends were posting that they were happy about going to school til 12 o'clock," Melissa Cano tells us. Cano is a former Bowie HS student and a current El Paso High School student.

Students who did not receive the information in time took shelter inside the school's cafeteria, giving them extra time to prepare for their finals before they go on Winter Break, ""Well, we have to do it, if not then why are we here in school?,"  Guereque exclaims.

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