Superintendent, Mayor Visit Dropouts

Superintendent, Mayor Visit Dropouts

POSTED: Monday, September 20, 2010 - 10:08am

UPDATED: Monday, September 20, 2010 - 9:39pm

EL PASO - Dr. Lorenzo Garcia will join Mayor John Cook today to knock on doors of high school dropouts and encourage them to return to school.

Operation Outreach has become an annual event for Garcia and Cook, who have joined forces for the past two years to talk to students who have not returned to class.

At risk coordinators and student outreach specialists at campuses throughout the district also will be making home visits.

Members of the Superintendent's Cabinet also will be reaching out to students through a phone bank that will be set up in the Board Room.

During last year's Operation Outreach, more than 120 students returned to school.  EPISD hopes to continue on this trend, bringing back even more students in the fall.

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Anyone who read the "TIME MAGAZINE" 20th September special issue on "What Makes A School Great" can read between the lines of what these two talking heads are trying to push. Back to basics, eliminate the state mandated tests, and hold teachers feet to the fire on students performance, by the way eliminate the teachers tenure protection guidelines, which the district is so afraid of.

EPISD is a corrupt institution that does not take into account the needs of its many students. Teacher rush around trying to teach their students only the bare minimum required by the district. The district appears to be changing for the better, but there has to be major changes to staffing the school board. Teachers should have more say in what students learn. The US has fallen way behind in the world because students are not learning what they need to know to be successful later in life.

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