Super Bowl Draws Super TV Sales

POSTED: Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:23pm

EL PASO--- Electronics stores throughout the Borderland are seeing a hike in TV sales, thanks to this weekend's Super Bowl.

Shoppers like Carlos Higadera spent the last couple of days looking around at stores like Pat Goff's TV and Appliances, checking out the week's specials on big screen TVs.

"I've been shopping around, like Walmart and stuff like that," he said. "As long as I get it before Sunday!"

But managers like Jeff Beeman say Super Bowl Shoppers need to act fast.

Shelves normally filled with TVs are now empty. Most of the TVs on display, are already sold.

"The last couple weeks we've been averaging probably 5 or 6 TVs a day, probably more," said Beeman, on the number of TVs his store's been selling.

And by Super Bowl Sunday?

"Probably to have no TVs on the floor," he said.

So many shoppers have been rushing in, Beeman said, workers haven't been able to take some of the TVs on their shelves out of their boxes.

"We usually carry probably... 60 or 70 TVs or more (during this season), and right now I'm probably down to about 15 TVs total," he said.

That's on top of the extra 20 TV sets the store received this week.

Even with a slumping economy, Beeman said he's not surprised about the big sales.

Not when there are customers like Carlos around.

"Yea, despite (the economy), I mean, it's the Super Bowl! It's only once a year!" said Carlos.

The store plans to sell whatever is left in stock up to Super Bowl Sunday morning.

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