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Sunland Park Postpones Appointing New Mayor

Friday, May 4, 2012 - 9:19pm

Not even Sunland Park's Mayor Pro-tem is sticking around during the latest drama in her city.
The Sunland Park City Council held a special meeting Friday night to appoint a new mayor, but the city's mayor pro-tem, Isabel Santos walked out of the meeting before it began.
Santos walked away, claiming the meeting wasn’t valid because the public only had a 48 hour notice. After she left, people were so upset that some of them literally started fighting in the aisles.

Walking away from the meeting she was supposed to lead, Sunland Park Mayor Pro-tem Isabel Santos claimed city officials refuse to get along in order to help the city move forward.
"If they walked out, they are not looking out for the best of the city,” said councilwoman Carmen Rodriguez.
Rodriguez says she is upset her mayor pro-tem chose to not take part in Friday night's meeting.
"I guess it would be all disappointed. Not surprised, but you know as councilors we are holding a certain responsibility and that responsibility is our constituents, and if you can't respect that fact and walk out, then that's not being very professional,” said Rodriguez.

One-by-one community members expressed their outrage over the city's problems.

"This city needs to be open minded. There is dirt. We have a lot of land to make this city beautiful,” said one community member.
Law enforcement had to break-up multiple fights during the meeting, and some residents even filed police reports against others.

The council decided not to appoint a new mayor. Instead, they decided to wait a week and a half to review both Javier Perea and Gerardo Hernandez' resumes, since they were the only two candidates who appeared at the meeting. 

The two candidates who claimed they were locked out of the last Sunland Park meeting didn't show up to Friday’s meeting. If all goes as planned, Sunland Park will appoint a new mayor at their next meeting scheduled May 14th. 


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