Sunland Park Mayoral Candidates Speak Out

Sunland Park Mayoral Candidates Speak Out
Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 10:31pm

The city of Sunland Park is expected to appoint a new mayor in less than two weeks.

At city council meeting, Javier Perea and Gerardo Hernandez said they want to be mayor.

Perea was appointed as mayor last week but resigned after the state ruled other candidates were locked out of the meeting, preventing them from being considered for the job.

Hernandez came in second place during the March election so he thinks the city council should appoint him to the position.

"He should run a campaign in order to be mayor. I think he's a little bit late for being mayor. The election was on march 6th," said Hernandez.

“I know he's contesting this issue with the courts and if the courts rule the election is his, I'm more than willing to relinquish this title. I do respect the courts," said Perea.

The council is expected to appoint Perea or Hernadez on May 14th.

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