Sunland Park Mayor: I Didn't Say That

Monday, July 11, 2011 - 7:09pm

SUNLAND PARK, NM - An odd story out of Sunland Park is getting stranger, tonight.

Last week, the city sent out a news release about a domestic violence case. It read in part,

"The city of Sunland Park does not condemn acts of domestic violence."

We asked the mayor if that's really what he meant, and he told us to run the statement as is. The next day, the city gave us a news release saying, Sunland Park does not "condone" domestic violence.

However, here's where it gets strange: Mayor Martin Resendiz told us today, that he never spoke to us about the domestic violence issue- ever. We sent him the date and times we called, but the mayor insists he never spoke with us about this story. The mayor's office believes someone may have picked up the phone and pretended to be him.

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