Sunland Park Mayor: "I deeply regret it."

Sunland Park Mayor:
Friday, March 2, 2012 - 6:04pm

SUNLAND PARK - We're finally hearing from Sunland Park Mayor Martin Resendiz. He says the past few months have been disturbing, and he understands the people of Sunland Park may not trust their government.
"If I ever let them down in any way I deeply regret it," he said.

Resendiz is apologizing to the people of Sunland Park. You may remember, he slipped out of public eye months ago after admitting in a deposition to signing city contracts while drunk. Since then, his city has been consumed by a sex-tape and allegations of blackmail coming straight out of city hall.

"The citizen has to feel hesitation, frustration, anxiety," he said.

Resendiz says he knows people probably don't trust the government anymore. Neither does the State of New Mexico. It's keeping Sunland Park under a microscope, and Resendiz says he's cooperating fully with state investigators.

"We've had as much contact as we need to have with them, to fully cooperate with them, to hopefully make things easy for them so they can take care of the citizen the way they're intending too," he said.

Resendiz' term expires next week, and he says he's ready to move on. We asked him if he has plans to run for public office again, and he said no.

"I've got a resume ready to go, and I'm ready to move onto my private life as well," he said.

He's hoping the folks of Sunland Park move on as well.

"These extraordinary circumstances are going to come, and they're going to go," he said. "We go on, we go on, and our community will go on."

As one of his last duties in office, Mayor Resendiz could have appointed an interim city manager in place of the current one who is facing extortion charges. Instead, he decided to let the next administration make the call.

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