Sunland Park Community Fedup With Corruption


POSTED: Sunday, April 8, 2012 - 8:38pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 9, 2012 - 9:40am

The Sunland Park community is in limbo.
The man recently elected as mayor faces new fraud charges.
City leaders are now waiting to either appoint a new mayor or see if the state will intervene and run the city.
Community members in Sunland Park say they are fed-up and sick of the corruption.

The city of Sunland Park got to watch the man they voted as mayor taken away in handcuffs yet again.
New charges claim Daniel Salinas was receiving and soliciting kickbacks including a recent trip to Mexico where he allegedly used city money to pay for strippers and prostitutes.

Sunland Park resident Leo Perez says there is more than just one person steering the city in the wrong direction.

"I don't trust the people in City Hall because it's the same problem over and over, and it's going to be like that. Nobody can change that. I guess  it's going to be the same,” said Perez.

After the arrests of multiple city officials, Perez says he's ashamed to admit he's from Sunland Park.

"I go to the gym and everybody told me ‘ You live in Sunland park?’. Things like that you know? It's like embarrassing,” said Perez.

He isn't the only one who's ready to see changes the city.

"I think everybody is. It's been so many problems in this area right now at the race track, El Paso, here. I just want to see it all over so people can get back to a normal way of life without all the drama,” said resident Susie Byrd.

"They are also tired about it because there's so many political things in the City Hall that people, what they are being appointed, they won't do anything for the community,” said resident Luz Nabarro.

Salina's attorney says the city council should appoint a new mayor who shares the same ideas as Salinas.


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