Sun Metro route overhaul means temporary closures, fewer bus stops

Sun Metro route overhaul means temporary closures, fewer bus stops
Monday, February 17, 2014 - 6:23pm

If you take the bus, expect more changes along Mesa over the next couple of weeks.

The city is building rapid transit system corridors through the city to get commuters across town faster.

The first corridor to be built is along Mesa street. Much of the work there is already done, but construction will result in some sidewalk closures and fewer bus stops in the area over the next few weeks.

Crews will be performing the first of two construction phases at the following stations which will serve Brio's Mesa corridor:
Beginning the week of Feb. 17, 2014:
· Mesita outbound (northbound on Mesa at Mesita/Sun Bowl)
· Festival outbound (northbound on Mesa at Festival)

Beginning the week of Feb. 24, 2014:
· Resler inbound (southbound on Mesa at Resler)

Three bus stops will be deactivated during construction:
· Mesa near Mesita (outbound/northbound)
· Mesa near Festival (outbound/northbound)
· Mesa near Resler (inbound/southbound)
Sun Metro will be placing a temporary bus stop at the following location:
· Mesa in front of University Hill Plaza(outbound/northbound)
Sun Metro passengers will need to use the existing bus stop at the following location:
· Mesa in front of Mesa Business Park (outbound/northbound)
Sun Metro will relocate the bus stop on Mesa near Resler to the following location:
· Mesa in front of Paco Wong's Chinese Restaurant (inbound/southbound)
The sidewalk will be closed along on the following streets:
· Northbound Mesa near the Mesita intersection
· Northbound Mesa near the Festival intersection
· Southbound Mesa near the Resler intersection
Construction crews will close one lane at Mesa near Festival and Mesa near Resler. Crews will close two street lanes at Mesa near Mesita.
Sun Metro apologizes for this inconvenience and appreciates the public's patience.

Driveway access to properties will be available throughout the construction period and the appropriate traffic control measures will be in place for the safety of the public and construction crews. Sun Metro can work to help promote businesses located within the Sun Metro Brio construction zones. Businesses are asked to please contact Laura Cruz-Acosta at (915)771-1039 or

Construction on Phase 1 of 2 for the following four stations is ongoing:
· Mesita inbound (southbound on Mesa at Mesita/Sun Bowl)
· Executive outbound (northbound on Mesa at Executive)
· Rio Grande outbound (northbound on Oregon at Rio Grande)
· Camille inbound (southbound on Mesa at Camille)
· Festival inbound (southbound on Mesa at Festival)

Construction on Phase 1 of 2 for the following 11 stations has been completed:
· Franklin inbound (westbound on Franklin at Santa Fe)
· Franklin outbound (eastbound on Franklin at N. El Paso Street)
· Rio Grande inbound (southbound on Oregon at Rio Grande)
· Hague inbound (southbound on Oregon at Hague)
· Hague outbound (northbound on Oregon at Hague)
· Glory Road inbound (southbound on Oregon at Glory Road)
· Glory Road outbound (northbound on Oregon at Glory Road)
· Montecillo inbound (southbound on Mesa at Montecillo)
· Argonaut outbound (northbound on Mesa at Argonaut)
· Balboa inbound (southbound on Mesa at Balboa)

Sun Metro's Brio service will include four proposed Rapid Transit System (RTS) corridors (Mesa, Alameda, Dyer and Montana) serving all parts of the city. RTS is a high-quality transit service that offers similar benefits to light rail transit. Brio will have various amenities to include uniquely branded 60-foot articulated buses in mixed traffic; a high frequency (10 minutes at peak/15 minutes at off-peak); stations that are about a mile apart; branded and landscaped stations; and signal prioritization (lengthen green traffic signals).

El Pasoans will see this innovative, faster and more effective transportation option in summer 2014 with the introduction of the Mesa corridor. This corridor will begin at the Downtown Transfer Center travel along Santa Fe, Franklin, Oregon, Glory Road, and Mesa, ending at the Westside Transfer Center on Remcon.

Construction of the project is being overseen by the City of El Paso's Engineering and Construction Management Department. Brio will be operated by Sun Metro.

For more information about the Sun Metro Brio, visit

For more information about Sun Metro, visit or call (915)533-3333. Like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @SunMetro.

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