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Sun Metro Reopens Routes


POSTED: Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 5, 2012 - 6:21pm

Starting today, Sun Metro will be returning 6 routes from Mesa back into Oregon.

Now that North Oregon street is reopened, routes 10, 11, 14, 15, 70 and 204 will travel both inbound and outbound.The routes were previously using Mesa as a detour street because of all the construction along Oregon.13 bus stops along Mesa, between Glory Road and Yandell, will be relocated.

Bus stops for buses traveling outbound going North on Oregon will be at Arizona, Cliff, Schuster, Hague and University. Stops for buses traveling inbound, going south on Oregon will be at Kerbey, University, Hague, Schuster, River, Rio Grande, Yandell and Missouri.

Bus stops along Oregon will be located as follows:

For buses traveling outbound, north on Oregon:

· Oregon at Arizona (11,14,15,70,204)
· Oregon at cliff (11,14,15)
· Oregon at Schuster (11,14,15)
· Oregon at Hague (10,11,14,15,70,204)
· Oregon at university (10,14,15,70,204)

For buses traveling inbound, south on Oregon:

· Oregon at kersey (14,15)
· Oregon at university (10,11,14,15,204)
· Oregon at Hague (10,11,14,15,204)
· Oregon at Schuster (11,14,15)
· Oregon at river (11,14,15)
· Oregon at Rio Grande (11,14,15,204)
· Oregon at yandell (11,14,15)
· Oregon at Missouri (11,14,15)

Passengers of Route 204 are reminded that they can only board the route at designated stops, which are Oregon at Arizona (outbound/north only), Oregon at Hague, Oregon at University, Oregon at Schuster, and Oregon at Rio Grande (inbound/south only).

Oregon has a designated bus lane making travel much safer, efficient and easier for drivers and pedestrians alike.

13 bus stops along Mesa, between Glory Road and Yandell, will be relocated. The bus stops being moved are as follows:
· Mesa at Yandell (outbound)
· Mesa at Rio Grande (outbound)
· Mesa at Arizona(outbound)
· Mesa at California (outbound)
· Mesa at Cliff (both directions)
· Mesa at Schuster (both directions)
· Mesa at Rim (outbound)
· Mesa at University (outbound)
· Mesa at Kerbey (both directions)
· Mesa at Blanchard (inbound)

3 bus stops along Mesa will continue to provide service for route 35, 36 and 50 only. They are:
· Mesa at Arizona (route 36, inbound/south only)
· Mesa at Yandell (route 36, inbound/south only)
· Mesa at Franklin (routes 35 and 50, outbound/north only)

For all this information you can visit visit sunmetro.

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