Suicidal Woman Causes Crash on I-10


POSTED: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 6:35pm

UPDATED: Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 9:58pm

LAS CRUCES— A crash on Interstate 10 on Wednesday was caused by a woman who, according to police, had left a morbid note to her parents.

Police in New Mexico said the woman was traveling eastbound on I-10 when she purposely crashed into a semi-truck that was going the other direction on I-10, Wednesday morning.

Authorities confirmed that when they arrived at the scene of the accident, the 18-year-old admitted she was trying to kill herself when she collided with the tractor-trailer.

Police said the woman was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and the man driving the semi-truck only walked away with a scratch on his arm.

Raul Martinez, the lead investigator in the case with New Mexico State Police, said the woman may face charges because she may have caused injuries to others.

“It's going to the district attorney's office because of damages and possible injury to the truck driver,” said Martinez.

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hellos, I'm the truck driver's wife, I give thanks for the comment on the accident, I do not know, what will happen with this, only my husband returned home, only God knows what I feel. poor girl, God help her and all persons attempting to commit suicide, I can only say that "everything passes, only God remains. " if something bad happens today, tomorrow you're going to laugh at that, so is life.

Chairatable hell, this dumb idiot if she really had her mind up to kill herself should not have involved anybody, just her poor demented pathetic self. Im not too sure she really meant to kill herself, I hope she learns quick and effective ways to snuff herself out in the future. Truck company/driver should sue the hell out of her for damages, and the mental health officials should look at this and see if this could have been avoided.

Bank in August 2010 the same thing happened to me. A 19 year old pedestrian jumped in front of my semi to commit suicide and sadly succeeded. Ever since that happened, I have been living with that image in my head. Why involve me? I am happy with my life. My truck ended up in the shop for 6 weeks and put me in financial chaos. If you're not happy, seek help. Don't involve innocent people who are just trying to make a living.

Lets be charitable and help this poor soul out. She made a mistake. We all do at one time or another. She is lucky to get another chance, and we are lucky to get an opportunity to help a poor soul in need.

I feel bad for the girl because she really needs help, but that was my uncle she crashed into. Thank God he is okay. That is all that matters right now.

What an idiot (the girl). But, when people are suicidal, they are selfish and think only of themselves. she is lucky she even made it out alive. The truck driver, too, poor guy has no fault...he better sue. Who cares whether she gets treatment. This girl has no sympathy from me. How insensitive of me? How insensitive of her to have put so many innocent people's lives in danger.

What most people fail to realize, is that most accidents involving trucks is usually not the truck driver's fault. It's usually people like this stupid, inconsiderate, waste of oxygen of a person who think that they can do whatever they want out on these highways and get a slap on the wrist. Why aren't there bill boards on the side of the road saying "if you drive a truck and some idiot cuts you off, call me and I'll get you the millions you deserve".

Thank you!!! No one paid me for the thousands of dollars I lost in income when some 19 year old kid walked in front of me semi. On the contrary, my insurance premiums went up!

The truck driver and the trucking company should sue the girl. I was a truck driver, and I KNOW that REGAURDLESS of circumstance, the truck driver will be faulted for the insident. Thats going to go on his record and the girl could have killed the driver or someone else.

This young lady does need some sort of mental health help.But,you also must take into consideration that she is aware of her resources of help.What about the Truck Driver?Most Truck Drivers on a day to day basis worry about if they are going to make it to their load drop off/pick up safe.Or if some stupid idiot is gonna pull a stunt like this or just get in their path and cut the Trucker off.Come on people Truck Drivers can not stop on a dime.What about the Trucker he will never be the same.

Of course she is stupid! Only a stupid person would do someting like that. The truck driver was harassed at his place of business. No different than somebody going to your place of business and threatening you with a gun, a knife, whatever. There is nothing to evaluate. She did what she did. Now she has to live with the fact that she is even more of a loser because she couldn't even do THAT right! I hope the truck driver sues her and makes her life an even more miserable existence than it was!

I agree with the previous comment. It was a very stupid thing for her to do! The only selfish person here was that young lady, who only thought about herself and not others. If she wanted to kill herself why hurt or kill other people in the process. That's selfish! Hope they lock her up in the mental ward so she doesn't hurt other people and get help.

Well you need to think of this first....WHY did she resort to suicide or attempted suicide? What was her family life like? Was there something her family could have prevented? You did NOT hear about that aspect. And speaking from a Law enforcement point of view here, she can be charged with AGGREVATED ASSAULT, ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON(yes a vehicle is a 3500lbs. WEAPON) unsafe driving, and the list goes on.

I do not see a case here. She needs to be sent to a mental health facility to first be evaluated of her mental health, give diagnosis, and treatment. This could of been much much worse, thank God injuries seem to be minor, insurance should pay most damages.

What did that truck driver do to her? NOTHING.... SELFISH CRY FOR HELP! Hope she thinks about what she could have caused a man not to be able to go home to his family.

Truck driver did nothing to her, and yes a selfish fry for help. How about her family? Truck driver got to go home to his. Now this girl's family has to deal with what she did and people like you that laugh and snicker about how dumb or stupid she was. That seems kind of selfish too, not to mention not very nice.

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