Study shows reasons behind Honey Bee die-off

Study shows reasons behind Honey Bee die-off
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Friday, May 3, 2013 - 4:09pm

A new study finds a number of reasons for the die-off of the Honey Bee.
The USDA and the EPA released a comprehensive report on the devastation to Honey Bee colonies.

The research says pesticides, parasites, poor nutrition and disease are all to blame what's now called Colony Collapse Disorder.

The health of American agriculture is directly linked to the health of the Honey Bee, not to mention the tens of billions of dollars at stake, as well.
An estimated one-third of all food and beverages come from pollination, mainly by Honey Bees.

In the United States, pollination contributes to crop production worth $20-30 billion in agricultural production annually.

The federal government is trying to come up with a strategy to address the bee losses.

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