Study Reveals Benefits of Ecstasy for PTSD Patients

Study Reveals Benefits of Ecstasy for PTSD Patients
Friday, November 30, 2012 - 6:31pm

A party drug could do more than make people happy, relaxed and high.

New research showed that ecstasy could help the seven million Americans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The expirement was run by a doctor in South Carolina, and it included intense psychotherapy involving eight-hour sessions after taking a capsule of ecstasy.

Results just published showed that 14 of 19 patients were dramatically better, more than three years after taking the drug.

"The question is, okay, was this was just a flash in the pan, people just feel good from taking a drug?" said Dr. Michaek Mithoefer, who conducted to MDMA/Ecstasy study. "So the answer to that turns out to be no, it really wasn't just a flash in the pan for most people."

Of course we must point outthat none of this means street ecstasy is safe. Apart from being illegal, users don't always know what they're taking, and can often be contaminated and can be very dangerous.

Studies were underway in Europe and Canada. Mithoefer was halfway through a study offering this treatment to combat veterans, firefighters and police officers.

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