Study: Asarco Smokestacks Are Durable

Study: Asarco Smokestacks Are Durable
Monday, October 22, 2012 - 8:31pm

The smokestacks are "structurally sound," that's according to an unofficial report conducted by a Georgia-based inspection group.

Robert Ardovino, head of the "Save The Stacks" group, tells NC9 he's seen the unofficial report that found the towers are durable and the original upkeep estimate of 14 Million dollars should only by 3 Million.

Ardovino says this is a major victory for the group, which plans to present the report to a local engineer for a structural analysis, and then report to city trust Roberto Puga, who was unavailable for comment.

The group has 43 before the December 4 deadline to prove to the trust the stacks durability, cost, and a buyer to be responsible for the site.

Ardovino says both UTEP and the City of El Paso have expressed interest.

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