Students take education matters in their own hands

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 11:27pm

Students took matters into their own hands tonight, fighting for education reforms.

Parents, teachers and most importantly, students attended the forum where they talked about many issues, but one in particular got a lot of attention: standardized testing.

A group of Coronado high students held a forum to get some questions answered about the education system in Texas, and in El Paso.

"Whether its students or teachers or parents, we have a system in Texas that is not doing well by any of them," said State Representative Joe Moody.

Budget cuts, teacher salaries and vouchers were all topics that Representative Joe Moody and Senator Joe Rodriguez talked about, but standardized testing, specifically the STAARS test was the hot ticket issue.

"We're being taught things for the tests and not for something that gives us gain as students, you know we're here to learn," said Coronado High School student Seth Krasne.

Teachers have to prepare students for 12 end of course exams.

"I feel like the teachers aren't teaching us the subjects, they're more teaching the test and that's scary," said Coronado High School student Luke Minton.

Senator Jose Rodriguez believes standardized tests should be part of the curriculum but should not be used as the only criteria on whether to pass a student.

"The performance of the student throughout the whole year. They should count the teachers evaluations and assessment of students through the year. We should count parental involvement, we should count resources,” said Senator Jose Rodriguez.

In the end, the students felt their voices were heard.

"Really getting to talk to these people because they make the laws that I usually don't see because I'm a child and I don't get a chance to get involved in politics," said Minton.

The Texans advocating for meaningful assessment will host two events to discuss the STAAR tests:

Bowie High School
Fine Arts Theater
801 South San Marcial
12:00-1:00 pm

Coronado High School
Fine Arts Theater
100 Champions Place
6:00-7:30 pm

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