Students spend Saturday morning rallying to bring back principal placed on leave

Students spend Saturday morning rallying to bring back principal placed on leave

POSTED: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 8:31pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 9:34pm

Another shake up in administration at EPISD got students out of bed Saturday morning.
As we reported, the principal of Austin High was once again, placed on leave. Students, parents and other members of the Austin High School community peacefully rallied to bring Dr. Tanner back.

Dr. Tanner was placed on leave before the school year started for a second time. Tanner was also named in a forensic audit of EPISD as an educator who allegedly played a part in the district's cheating scandal and gave credits to students who didn't deserve them. After this last removal, Tanner's lawyer told NewsChannel Nine, his removal had nothing to do with the cheating scandal, but has to do with a personal employee matter.

"I feel like they don't even need to remove him. He's such a great principal," said student Frances Roman.

Another student said he spoke for himself and others, when he believes the public deserves to know the reason behind Tanner's removal.

"I think the district needs to be more transparent with what they're doing,"said Ryan Allen.

As NewsChannel Nine reported, Tanner was removed from his job in March, but was quickly reinstated after students rallied for him then.

"It's a mystery. I mean come out and say what's going on and let everybody know," said Jesse Maese, a parent of Austin High School.

Dozens of parents and students attended the rally to share their thoughts on Dr. Tanner.

"Here at this school, every student personally knows Dr. Tanner. He knows them by name and that's something really special. It means a lot to every student," said Allen.

Maese recalled many times that Dr. Tanner made himself readily available throughout the years.

"There's a lot of support for the students, and he's always available for the parents whenever we have issues," said Maese.

Even a notable alumni, former city council member and EPISD board member in waiting Susie Byrd, attended.

"I've never seen this kind of support for a principal ever," said Byrd.

While she's not fully aware of the reasons behind Dr. Tanner's removal, she does hope the board takes note of how Austin high school has transformed over the years.

"It used to be there was no expectation that these kids would ever go to college," said Byrd.

Now she says every student that walks through the doors has a goal for their future.

"He fights for every single student. The students that fails a class, the student that passes a class. He cares about everyone," said Allen.

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