Students plan protest at financially strapped Anamarc, want answers from administration

Students plan protest at financially strapped Anamarc, want answers from administration
Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 3:54pm

Students at the financially strapped Anamarc College are planning to protest Tuesday night. Many said they were kicked off campus Tuesday without a reason why. We spoke with several students at Anamarc, most were afraid to reveal their identities because they said they're afraid of backlash from the administration. They add, they're even more worried about what their academic futures at Anamarc will look like.

The college seemed like a promising new start for Army veteran John Selmon. "I was studying to be an LVN," the student said. Like others, Selmon went to class Tuesday morning, only to be shut out.  "They told us to leave school when they were in school this morning they're not giving us any reasons why."

"They said that they don't know nothing that they can't answer any questions," a group of students, who did not want to reveal their identities told us.

As we've reported, the owners of the school confirm they are experiencing temporary cash flow issues but students fear the problem is more than temporary . "We don't have the assurance that the school's not going to close or even if we do finish if our degrees are going to be valid," the group said.

We reached out to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, the group in charge of Anamarc's accreditation. They have sent a letter to the college asking about the college's plans. "To reassure us that everything is going to be Ok. I mean, they can at least give us an idea of what they have in plan," the group explained.

The US Department of Education confirms the school access to federal financial aid is also being limited. Which explains what happened when these students tried to pick up their scrubs. "They let us know that they weren't going to release the uniforms to us because they hadn't been paid for. "

Students are now left in limbo. "Now my only option is to transfer to another school," Seldon said.

The representative with Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools told us that if Anamarc fails to respond to their letter by next Friday, they could be facing disbarment. Which means the school will not be able to be accredited through ACICS in the future if they choose to open up a new college.

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