Students Defend Bowie High School


POSTED: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 5:36pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 17, 2010 - 8:46am

Bowie students are defending their school and their principal in the wake of the latest TAKS test controversy.

Student leaders insist their scores are higher because of hard work, not because administrators got rid of underperforming students.

Jesse Ramirez is the president of his senior class at Bowie and he says the school's academic improvement has everything to do with the hard working students.

"The students are trying harder like I said before," Ramirez.

This group of students came out to defend their school against allegations that their principal was dropping low performing students out of school to get higher test scores.

They say their ex-classmates are not being completely honest.

"I wouldn't call them liars, but I wouldn't say that they were not saying the truth. That's the difference," Ramirez said.

Last month we interviewed students who said principal Chavez told them to drop out of school.

'He (Dr. Chavez) told my sister to send me to Juarez with my parents. If she didn't we would have to go to court and she would have to pay $500 and I would have to pay $500," one student said.

Jesse says he may know why these students said they were kicked out of Bowie.

"Money. Jealousy. Maybe somebody is paying them out there. Somebody out there is paying them," Ramirez said.

Melissa Garcia also says there has been no wrongdoing at her school.

"Some of the students were transfers and as transfers if they're not attending all of their classes or if they're misbehaving, the students are booted back out," Garcia said.

These students say they want you to see more than one side of Bowie.

"It's four students out of 1300 students from Bowie High School. You should see both sides of it and see what's actually going on," Garcia said.

Nicholas Vasquez is a senior at Bowie.

"They portray us all as poor little Mexican kids, and were not," Vasquez said.

"We work with the administration everyday and they're fantastic people and we know the school is being ran right," Ramirez said.

The U.S. Department of Education and the FBI are currently investigating the TAKS test controversy.
In all of our past stories, Principal Chavez and Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia have declined on camera interviews with us.

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Someone needs to check out Desert View Middle School in YISD. Channel 9, get on it. You know there is something fishy going on when the school gets recognized for their scores and those same students go to Hanks and can't pass there. It's a case of major fudging.

The media only presented the story with the "bad" stuff.
The reason we, as students contacted KTSM was about a Political Cartoon in the Newspaper that came out this week.
Its great that were defending our schools, but media needs to show the whole story and not just make it one-sided.
Show the Facts, prove the Accusations.
If not don't say anything at all.

good job guys...I think maybe you guys should file a class actioI'mbn lawsuit against Shapleigh...I'm behind you

My name is Leslie Gonzalez, a Bowie Alumni from class of 10' (the class that changed the way things were for BHS regarding Taks Scores) and I made a protest a few weeks ago regarding this issue. It seems channel 9 is very intent in portraying a bad image of Bowie since we were interviewed and they never showed clips of our protest. I helped gather parents and teachers and we each got a chance to speak about this to the media. None of the interviews were broadcasted.

I'm glad to see these students are standing up for their school. As is usually the case, it's the muck raking minority that are the most vocal and, unfortunately, the ones that are most often heard. My congrats to these fine Bowie Bears!!!

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