Students Bring in Bottled Water to School


POSTED: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 6:10pm

"Like a couple of bottles of water just like four bottles of water. Just to keep me up during the day," Mora said.

That's what high school freshman Velsa Mora made sure to grab before heading out the door to school.

Because El Paso remains under a boil alert, drinking fountains are being cut off. And schools and students like Derek Ramos are having to bring in extra supplies.

"We brought water just because the water fountains weren't going to be working so we had to figure out a way to drink something," Ramos said.

Socorro schools loaded up almost 6000 gallons of water for schools just in case students didn't have enough.

Velsa says all the kids in school are talking about it, and some are worried about the water supply.

"Everyone is complaining saying where are we going to get our water? Where are we going to get this and that? But, the school is providing stations of water where everyone can drink water," Mora said.

But, one student says kids usually bring something to drink anyway.

"Other days before this incident had happened, the athletes have brought their sport water bottles. Other kids bring Gatorade and stuff. I don't think it has effected us," Ramos said.

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You can boil the tap water all day and not get rid of the cancer causing sodium fluoride that the city ADDS TO the water. It also causes ;Arthritis , Swollen & Aching Joints Digestive system disorders
ulcers and colitis inability to utilize vitamin B and C
Constipation and Nausea KidneyBladder& Urinary Disorders
Circulatory Diseases,Arteriosclerosis,Heart Failure, Hypo & Hypertension
Varicose Veins & Coronary Thrombosis,Mental & Neurological Disorders,look it up couldnt fit them all here

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