Students become penpals with President Obama


POSTED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 7:20pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 15, 2013 - 8:04pm

Local second grade students at Loretto Academy Elementary School have made a new high profile penpal: the President of the United States.

"He's the president, he's a special guy," said

They did so with the help of another special guy, Flat Stanley. He's a children's book character that can travel in the mail all over the world.

"A little boy who gets flattened by a bulletin board," said teacher Rose Marie Yañez.

A handful of Loretto Academy students decided to send their own Flat Stanleys to the white house.

"Because I thought my parents would be proud when it came back," said student Aria Gilbert. "The president would be a really nice guy to meet."

And what the students got in return was more than just a letter. They got a sneak peak into the life of the nation's first family at the White House. The White House sent a signed letter from the President, photos, and a map.
Students seems to mostly enjoy the photos of the President's dog.

"So cool to see his dog because he has such a cute dog and then nice to see his daughters and his wife," said

One single correspondence from the President made an impact so profound on the second grade class and their teacher.

"It made me think about if he was in second grade, if he did this one day too," said student Lauren Gallardo."He likes children. He has two daughters of his own."

"So excited. I read the letter and it really emphasizes reading and writing," said Yañez.

A glimpse of his life and words from the leader of the United States is definitely motivating the students for the future.

"Read a lot more than I do even right now," said Gilbert.

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