Student Walkout at El Paso High


POSTED: Friday, May 27, 2011 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 28, 2011 - 4:50pm

EL PASO - Between one and two hundred students walked out of their second period classes this morning to protest what they call unfair treatment from their principal.

Luis Liano is the principal at El Paso High, and students claim he favors sports over academics and recently fired one of their favorite teachers. They demanded that he be removed from his position.

The students walked laps around the school chanting "No Liano," and we know of at least one student who says he was cited for disorderly conduct. That same student told us that police made a deal with them: if they all went back to their classes peacefully, no one else would be cited. The protest lasted about an hour.

The students said they planned it yesterday and did not expect such big a turnout. A statement from El Paso Independent School District said: "El Paso High Students had a peaceful interaction with administration during their second period class to express both negative and positive concerns. Students returned to class safely and in an orderly manner."

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Judging by the majority of these comments, it seems as though most students cannot write a comprehensible sentence these days. Maybe they should stick to their studies a little more.

Kinda strange and scary, no official response from EPISD on these allegations on Liano. Allegations being allegations, but for our future leaders, dont mud sling and get personal as your Justice spokeperson has. You have no IDEA what potential personal harm you have drug up with your emotional tirades. May you burn in hell for the rest of your scholastic career, if you have one.

school's administration. We would have wanted to stay in class and finish up the LAST DAY OF INSTRUCTION properly, but instead we had to give it up to DEMAND something which we are entitled to. We believe we made a right decision because not many will stand up for their beliefs and I'm glad it attracted so much attention. To all of you that say this is making us look bad, well, it's not us, it's our principal. Hear our voice. We will make some noise. Hear us out. WE WANT LIAñO OUT!

not stain our image! Us El Paso High School students believe the same. We are entitled to a leader who will exemplify all the virtues that a true LEADER (especially of a home of knowledge)should demonstrate such as: RESPECT, INTEGRITY, HONOR, and LEADERSHIP, amongst many more. We did not want to arrive at the point we did. We asked for change. We DEMANDED change but our voices were ignored. It is NEVER a student's perfect excuse to skip class because he/she was protesting about the

Just as we have the right , as United States citizens, to impeach a person of higher political office if we do not deem him appropriate to fulfill his duties, we have the right as "citizens" of our school to remove persons of the administration who are not able to carry on properly with the tasks and expectations their position demands. Did anyone feel sorry for Nixon when he was forced to leave office? No! Because everyone knew this country deserves leader with ethics and moral values who will

attention, but it is one of the last resorts we had! Numerous emails have been sent to Dr.Garcia (superintendent), calls have been made, comments on the online parent survey expressed our grievances, and we had a petition signed by about 400 students!And guess what? ALL OF THESE WERE IGNORED. We need to make the community aware of this. If our voices will not be heard by writting then fine, let us SHOUT. Of course we do not want to ruin a man's life but he has ruined our school.

she wishes on campus. She violates the dress code on a daily basis but of course is NEVER reprimanded for it because "daddy" (as she adresses him) thinks it's ok. Wow it sounds as if I were talking about your classic teenage movie about high school, but the embarassing part is that I'm not. This is DAILY life at El Paso High School under Luis Liaño's administration and WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT ANY LONGER! Many of you have mentioned that we did not have to walk out of class to get EPISD's

campus anymore, and that she had to clean up all of her stuff. How humiliating?! But this is the way he believes authority should be displayed. Finally, let's talk about his relationship with a parent. Mr.Liaño is currently dating an EPHS student's parent and he is not YET divorced. Lovely. I believe this CLEARLY VIOLATES the ethics code that comes with accepting a position such as that of a school principal. His soon-to-be step-daughter is also alotted power. This young lady can basically do as

EVERY EXPECTATION. But we all know why Mr.Liaño fired her. It is becaused she opposed his abusal of power. She opposed the hostility he was bringing into the school and she expressed it. Notice when he fired her though. He did so AFTER she had published the last newspaper of the school year and after the yearbooks had arrived. How did he do so? Mrs.Troncoso walked in her classroom and there was a substitute already there. Mr.Liaño then showed up to tell her she was fired, she wasn't allowed on

took on the mission. As far as Mrs.Troncoso's dismissal goes, he offered NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Mrs.Troncoso was hired as a substitute for our journalism teacher. Unfortunately he has been fighting lukemia and was not able to attend school this entire year. All that was expected of Mrs.Troncoso (for the record, she is licensed to teach journalism) was that she publish news papers every six weeks and that she get the yearbook turned in and published by the deadline. What did she do? SHE FULFILLED

be facing the "lady on the hill" for one last time while she "stretched her arms out" to them. Well this year, when those classmates I mentioned, attempted to adress the issue, he exploded in anger. Believe me I am not over dramatizing. His anger was such that he warned that the only way to change the stage setup would be to have EVERY SINGLE senior sign a petition. Really? Every single senior? How realistic is that? For one reason or another, not all would be able to sign. Still, these seniors

are speaking up for them too. We have witnessed his disrespect, because it doesn't stop with the teachers. A few weeks ago, a couple of classmates approached him about an issue concerning the graduation setup. The stage used to face the school, but last year, without any consideration of student (much less teacher)opinions, he decided to change the setup so that the stage would face Juarez. Now, this radical change surprised many because the whole point of the ORIGINAL setup was that the seniors

sports vs. academics. Mr.Liaño is TREMENDOULSY DISRESPECTFUL towards staff and students. Many of our teachers have given testimony to this. Otherwise tell me, how is it possible that we have about a DOZEN teachers reitiring this year alone?! He has created a hostile atmosphere which not many are willing to stand even for pay. Unfortunately, under Texas Law, teachers are not allowed to protest. If this were different, I can ASSURE you they would have a long time ago. But we, the student body,

and the Social Studies team. This year was the exception. Ever since Mr.Luis Liaño arrived at El Paso High School, these clubs were pushed aside. Yes, our football team had a nearly perfect season for the first time in MANY years but so? We made it to final four and lost the coin toss whereas all these fine academic clubs had a winning record that was spoiled by our principal's indifference and favoritism. I have witnessed this happen right before my eyes. But it goes MUCH further than favoring

the district tournament. Isn't that EXACTLY what our Debate sponsor wanted? And he only asked for ONE out-of-town practice tournament. Ultimately, what is is which makes or breaks a school's reputation? It's glory in football, tennis, swimming,soccer, etc, OR it's fine academic programs. For the past three years El Paso High School had taken the Sweeptstakes UIL award in academics. This award was won by clubs such as Academic Decathalon, Debate, the Math team, the Science team, Ready Writing,

general idea of how funds are alotted and how coaches vs. teachers are also favored. The tennis team ALONE took THREE out-of-town trips in ONE semester. During the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL they traveled to San Antonio,Tx, a second trip followed to a trournament in Ft.Stockton, Tx, and a third trip to regionals in Wichita Falls. I completely see why the trip to regionals was important given that we had great players advance but what about the other two? Coach himself said that these were practice for

our sponsor that the team would ONLY be allowed $1,000 of the money we had funraised for ONE trip for the entire school year. This put us in a terrible position because the sencond trip the team USED to make was to Austin, Tx for the National History Day Competition State Meet. The team was forced to choose between a crucial tournament or a state championship. Now let me juxtapose this with the situations with the sports. I can surely talk about one sport, but I believe it will fully give you a

Given, that many of you do not deem our protest reasonable enough and you DEMAND an example of Liaño's favoritism to sports over academics allow me to present you with one which impacted me personally: The Debate team takes two out-of-town trips anually. One is for a tournament in Alpine, Texas in December to prepare for the District tournament(s) in January and March. We fundraised for this trip throughout the entire first semester. When the time comes for the trip to be finalized,Mr.Liaño told

that is tenure and senority rules, im spelling like some EPHS kids now, sorry.

Hey you bunch of Morons, on both sides of this issue, step back take two (im sure you can count) breaths, and look at this problem or precieved problem rationally. If Mr Liano is doing such a piss poor job, notify your school board trustee, and vent your issues. FYI, a substitute is not a permanent EPISD employee, they work under the whim of the principal of the school, if he/she deems their sub work no longer needed, he/she can just tell them they are no longer needed. No, they are not protecte

While it's good to see these kids peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment right, what's equally important is HOW Liano is favoring athletics over education? WHAT is it that he is supposedly doing for athletics that he is failing to do for academics? WHEN has this been going on since? WHY is it that--if in deed there's a problem--this is the only time this issue has been addressed? Lastly, WHO will look into this matter to ensure that district-wide our EDUCATION system focuses on academics??

As far as those talking down to these kids and calling them wonder they don't have respect for adults..

Wow...good for the least they have the guts to stand up for something they believe in. They feel academics are not getting the same attention as sports....and as an educator that is probably true. Sports will always get approval, but that doesn't mean other clubs and programs should be neglected. In all honesty it may not be in his favor to fully support those programs due to budget cuts, he may only have a minimal amount of funds that can be used for clubs and sports....

Another instance EPISD has swept “under the rug,” was a grievance by an employee, this employee then went to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because her complaint fell on deaf ears. EPISD is now addressing the issue. Yes, Mr. Liano has done some good things for El Paso High School, but within the past year his conduct and “tactics” have become progressively worse, leaving El Paso High School in shambles

Monica Velez was named the cheerleading sponsor in August; it is public knowledge she does not reside within the El Paso High boundaries or the El Paso school district boundaries, she uses a “relatives” address. This shows Velez is committing fraud and Mr. Liano has knowledge of it, a parent was jailed and charged for this type of fraud in New York. EPISD has swept this “under the rug.” Yes, her daughter is allowed to do anything she wants at the school. Another instance EPISD has swept “under

Kfox should contact Mrs. Liano to find out her reaction to all this, they are still married. After all Mr. Liano’s girlfriend is a parent at El Paso High, walk into his office and you will see a picture of him and his girlfriend on his desk. We all saw Mrs. Liano at a football game this past fall, it was apparent she was not aware Mr. Liano was dating the parent. Clearly Mr. Liano is violating EPISD Board policy DH, moral turpitude, and Dr. Garcia had knowledge of this.

They fired Mrs Troncoso?!?!? She lives and breathes EPHS. No wonder the students were angry. I've heard nothing but negative things coming from this principal. He treats his staff as though they are his personal servants. I have spoken to several teachers that have told me he is putting an unfair amount of work on them on top of their regular duties. If I would have known, I would have joined this protest. Troncoso has been a fixture at EPHS for over 20 years.


We as students have the right to protest anything we want. In this situation we were not protesting to get him fired, we were simply wanting to get heard. I understand that things have changed; just like when a new president is elected things change for the better or for the worse. With Mr. Liano things have changed for the better in some areas, but in many other areas things have not been reconsidered or supported. We don't want him fired, we want change and reform, equality, and respect.

That's noble of you to say EPHS Junior. You sound mature enough to realize that he's your Principal and he takes your interests to heart. Protesting is not the answer. It brought such poor attention to your school and your school deserves nothing but praise for it's accomplishments since Mr. Liano has been at El Paso High. If the students were going to demonstrate, they should have demonstrated in celebration of their success.

The students protest for a reason, and as any other human begin they have the right to express their issues and concerns, we as any other expectator may only see the external part of this situation/problem, but if the students are going through all of this, to the point of expressing themselves with a protest, PEOPLE WE MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THEM and investigate what is really going on!

I completely agree! These people in positions of Authority often abuse their power. My mother has seen it all throughout her years at Bel Air and I have seen it still in my years at Bel Air; except this year they have a new principal and a new administrative staff and things are way better!! However, to say that we should think about Liano and his family first is wrong. We should think about these kids first! 200 of them speaking out is definitely saying, "SOMETHING'S WRONG!!"


No sir, as students we don't mean grades. We mean academics like DECA, Acadec, FCCLA, BPA, HIGH-Q, and many more that are being neglected by administrators. Throughout the year these programs, which educates students in many areas, have been the talk of the year. Example, whenever we need approval for fundraising activities through the DECA program administration always seems to give us opposition. However, if it's an event like a football or volleyball game, the request is immediately approved.

Perhaps because it is not in the school's budget. Do these organizations have boosters to raise money for your clubs? I don't think there is any money to work with unless you have boosters like band and theater. You should always inquire as to why not before you make false assumptions about your school. Ask your Superintendent he should have all the answers.

1987 El Paso Idiot haha

I do not know what Mr. Lilliano did or did not do or why the students are walking out of class, may be they should go back to class and learn how to write a proper statement. Because some of the notes written by some of the students are extremely poor and with a great number of gramatical errors. Was the teacher fired an English teacher? If so now I know why he was fired.

I'm sorry to say that not everyone who protested knows how to write a legitimate paper or comment. However, that does not mean we don't know what's going on in our school. I simply tell people who have no idea what's going on in our school that "you have to be here to see it yourself." The lady who was fired was a substitute for a teacher that was undergoing chemo. She is also the EPHS ALUMNI president. Admin. had no right to fire her other than the fact that she voiced her opinion.

They were practicing their rights given to them by the U.S. Constitution. I don't know why the teacher was let go. The students need to find out why he was let go in the first place and then if they want to protest, do so. Get your paperwork together and go for it. At least they aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in, but it should have been done this way. I'm seeing the same type of favortism going on where I live.It's nothing new. The Right to Assemble Peacefully.

As a parent & Alumni of El Paso High School, it is apparent to me and it has been my experience that Mr. Liano has brought about positive change to school. All the teachers that are finally retiring have been there since my sister graduated and she is now 55 years old. So, it's sad to see them leave, but its their time to enjoy life and give another young educator a chance. That's how life evolves. Mr. Liano, we stand behind you. Thank you for all you do for our school. May God Bless You.

I'm guessing you're OK with Mr. Liano firing your Alumni president? If positive change is what you see with your eyes, then you have no clue what students endure during school hours. I fear passing this man in the hallways, he intimidates students, teachers, and staff. I hope you support him for the right reason, I know I do, but we must see the situation through the eyes of a student. Because in reality it's not about the parents, teachers, staff members, or administrators, it's about students.

Half of the schools in texas should have walk outs then. Sports has always been favored over academics.

Was there legitimate proof of such favoritism?
What did Liano do exactly over a course of time to prove that he did not care?

I would like to know more about this channel 9. Because now a mans career and the means of financial support his family depends on is in jeopordy.

The students should have done a petition to the school board to have it changed not this way.

What about Mrs. Troncoso? How will she fare financially for being dismissed by the principal at EPHS. How will she care for her self or family with no job.

They did do a petition, but were not heard to a very great extent. A simple search and then everything was just ignored. If 200 students say it, I mean come on! Then there is something wrong! And by making it seem like think about him and blah blah blah, think about them they obviously care.

Kudos to the students no fear of reprisal in the form of lost jobs for not tolerating a tyrant.

It makes one wonder of the state of things in the school district these days. Number one, where was the PTA on this, or not on this. Number Two, why did the Student Body council not get involved in this. Im not saying Mr Liano deserves this or not, but we dont need walkouts like this to take place at all, it sends the wrong message out. If the kids walked out on their own, have them suffer the consequences of not being in school when they are supposed to. lets see how the district handles it.

To Mr. Liano, we understand that you are striving to make this campus an exemplary school and you will do what it takes. It's about time 79902 becomes exemplary. You go!! On behalf of the 79902, Vilas, Mesita, Lamar, Wiggs, we know academics comes first in your book, after all, you are Irish and Irish is in the 79902. Viva La High soon to be exemplary! People, LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB AND CONTROL YOUR KIDS.

no liano no liano its just dfat he is korrupt dats my opinion so im not gonna regret it hahahah no liano no liano hahahahaah go freak go freak

I do hope you are really thinnking about taking a remedial English course, because your writting is horrendous. It shows very poor train of though and lack of vocabulary.

good job EPHS, we need to show that we will not be brought down by ignorance or bullied into Liano's ways!!

I hope my daughter was walking the line too!!

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