Struggling Shop Owners Say Cartel Violence Is To Blame...


POSTED: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 5:19pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 11:02am

On any given day you can see dozens of people coming over from Juarez and into downtown El Paso. The shops in the area depend on these crowds in order to stay in business; but ever since the bloodshed grew ramped in Juarez two years ago the crowds have gotten smaller.

Claudia Delgado who works at a downtown shop said, "There's been less people that come into the store. I think it has to do somewhat with the economy but mostly I believe it's the violence in Juarez that has lowered sales. Don't get me wrong, we do have people who come in and buy, but it's not comparable to the amount of sales we had in previous years."

Delgado's store is not the only one that's hurting. Every shop owner and employee we talked to said they have seen a significant drop in sales; some estimating up to a 40% drop compared to sales two years ago. Delgado says some of her customers are just afraid to leave their home...

"My clients always come in and tell me what they're going through. Just yesterday one of them came in and said that her son was killed over there (Juarez)," said Delgado.

As for those Juarez shoppers who are still buying, it seems like the downtown El Paso shops are the safest choice.

"I feel a lot safer coming to shop here in El Paso than in downtown Juarez, or any part of Juarez, its dangerous," said a Juarez shopper.

Delgado thinks the only cure to step up business is to stop the violence in Juarez.

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7,000 people were murdered by the Mexican drug cartels last year because we in the US kept marijuana illegal, many of the victims were children, police officers and politicians. This year the cartels are on track to kill at least 9,000 more. The prohibition is like an American chemical factory sitting right on the border - it spreads its pollution all over Mexico, but as long as the stink continues to blow south nobody in the US cares.

just worry about el paso customers not Juarez customers you work in USA. Worry about us for a change.Let Juarez deal with its self

Prohibition gives criminals the opportunity to make money and once they become addicted to the money and power, they further their profits by adding dangerous cutting agents to expand their profits and get more people addicted. We have given them the power to make money, corrupt U.S. Mexico officials, and allow them to sell drugs to kids. Thank You Prohibition. Drug Cartels love the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. If you love having drug cartels, violence, and corruption vote NO to legalizatio

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