Strong words from E.P.W.U. about pipe drains

Strong words from E.P.W.U. about pipe drains

POSTED: Monday, February 18, 2013 - 7:23pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 8:56am

Both of the teenaged boys were rescued and unharmed from Sunday's incident. According to a witness that chose to remain anonymous, "The boys didn't exactly use the right kind of rope, nor were they prepared for the climb back up the 50 foot drainpipe."

The area is known as the Keystone Dam and it's designed to hold storm water to keep it out of the neighborhoods west of Doniphan. In order for it to function properly, there cannot be fencing around the entire facility. The fencing would cause debris to block the flow of water into the dam. The internal structures have appropriately sized grates on them designed to allow storm water and debris to flow through. There are gates to prevent vehicular traffic, but people have been using the dam for years.  

The area has popular for bird watching and jogging, but all of the extra traffic has E.P.W.U. on alert with some stern warnings for the public. The waterways can be deadly, especially during flash floods. Use this information to keep your family safe from storm drains, pipes and canals.

-Never allow children to play around stormwater
pipes, drains, ditches or canals. These areas can be
dangerous, whether wet or dry.
-Storm drains can contain broken glass, dangerous
chemicals, snakes, rats or other animals.
-Stormwater pipes can be wet and slippery. They can
contain steep inclines, deep pits and grates.
-People can become trapped, injured or drown in
stormwater facilities, and calls for help might not be


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The EPWU should in my opinion install grates that would not allow people to be able to get into the darn drain. The grates they have now are so big a grown man can get in there. To me that translates into a disaster waiting to happen. Good thing that pending disaster did not occur this weekend to those foolish boys. Were their parents notified of their childrens foolishness in the name of having fun.

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