Storm hasn't caused problems for holiday travelers at El Paso International, yet


POSTED: Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 10:08pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 7:01pm

Warm temperatures and clear skies here in El Paso are actually making the holiday traveling season enjoyable for some.

As if traveling isn't already stressful enough, the holidays can make it more difficult.

But on Sunday, travelers at El Paso International said coming into or leaving the Sun City has been a breeze.

Inside, things are fairly calm. Holiday travelers didn't have to face long lines and for the most part, they had an easy day of flying.

You would never guess a storm is wreaking havoc for travelers across the country.

"Well it was snowing in St. Louis when we left, but that didn't seem to affect anything," said Margaret Costanzo, who is visiting her in-laws here in El Paso.

For people traveling into the city, the stress of traveling was almost non-existent.

"I was expecting the holiday travel,” said Bill McLagan, who flew in from Washington D.C.. “Everyone traveling and the rush, and the hustle and bustle. The fight to get the next seat and so forth. So it was a pleasant surprise."

Even people coming in from some of the biggest airports, like LAX, didn't run into problems.

"It was a pretty big crowd,” said Jordan Bellegard, who is stationed in California. He is visiting family for Christmas. “I would say when i got there; there were 200-300 people in line. Just for Southwest. They moved them through within 10-15 minutes."

Things might have been running smoothly today, but that could change tomorrow.

Be sure to call your carrier, before you leave the house, to see if your flight has been delayed or canceled.
Airports also suggest arriving at least 2 hours ahead of your departure time, in case there are longer than expect lines.
Also, pack light. Experts say if you can avoid checking in a bag altogether, do it.
If you can, travel early or late in the day. Flight statistics show that planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance. And if your flight is cancelled, you will have the option of taking a flight later in the day.

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