Stores Prep for Black Friday Crowds


POSTED: Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 9:47am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 3:00pm

EL PASO - Turkey today, shopping tomorrow.

The kick-off to the holiday shopping season officially starts tomorrow.

But, some stores have been preparing for weeks in order to open up right after Thanksgiving dinner.

It's known as Black Friday, a day notorious for turning retailer's pockets green.

Salesperson Yolanda Lara says that the lines look like they never end on Black Friday.

"So there's no end. You can't tell where the line ends it just keeps going and going and going so you just keep charging and charging and charging," Lara said.

And stores do whatever they can to get anxious customers in at all hours of the night. Store manager Travis Newman says it takes a lot of work to get ready for the big day.

"I've been up since about 4:30 this morning. So, we're prepping making sure we're ready for tomorrow which is Black Friday we actually open at 9 p.m. so just making sure the store is completely stocked making sure were staffed 100 percent," Newman said.

Early bird shoppers have employees like Lara working at three in the morning.

"Yeah I actually picked that shift I wanted to work that night over morning thing I actually like it it's kind of fun," Lara said.

But, she says it's more like a party than work.

"A lot of customers so like the time goes by fast. It's fun seeing everybody come in and shop like families it's really cool," Lara said.

If you get there late don't worry, these retailers are prepared to feed the masses with holiday goodies.

Adam Martell stocks the merchandise, he says there's plenty to go around.

"We have maybe double sometimes triple the shipment compared to our regular shipment," Martell said.

Employees say they'll do whatever they can to give shoppers the best customer service this year no matter what the hour is. Yolanda will be drinking...

"Caffeine caffeine and sugar," Lara said.

Happy shopping.

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