Stolen rabbit found outside sorority house

Monday, October 14, 2013 - 9:48pm

It's a bond that words fail to describe. Eight year-old Madison Francis has a condition similar to cerebral palsy. She's also legally blind and uses a wheel chair to get around. Her prize winning rabbit Keagan is her best friend.

"For Maddy, he is amazing. She can hug him, hold him, move him, without him reacting," said her mom, Meagan.

But two weeks ago, Keagan was stolen from Madison at the Southern New Mexico State Fair. He vanished one night while the other Francis children showed their pigs at an auction nearby.

"Madison was heart broken. She asked me every why they took him, why they needed to keep him, and why they wouldn't return him," said Meagan.

The family filed a report and pleaded for his return, but one week later, there was still no sign of Keagan. However, that all changed Saturday morning after the family shared their story with Newschannel 9. The Francis' got a call. Keagan had been found in a pillowcase next to a sorority house on the NMSU campus. Hours later he was reunited with Madison.

"Thank you," Madison had to say.

It's a rabbit that's much more than just a pet.

"It gives her a moment to feel apart of something bigger, not to have to see herself as disabled but somebody else who can do all this," said Meagan.

And it's a rabbit now back home where he belongs.

The Francis family says they're not going to pursue an investigation into who stole Keagan. They're just glad he's back home.

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