Step-Mother Charged With Capital Murder

 Step-Mother Charged With Capital Murder

POSTED: Saturday, July 23, 2011 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 11:13pm

EL PASO - An El Paso step-mother is now being charged with capital murder in the death of a baby.

On Thursday, Joanna Rene Castillo, 1, died after spending five days in intensive care.

Her step-mother, Maria Estrella Hernandez, 28, is now being charged with capital murder for her death, according to police. She was originally charged with injury to a child.

Hernandez' bond is set at half-a-million dollars.

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I think what happened was tragic, and needless to say this could have been prevented. I believe that the father should also be charged with at least negligence I just find hard to fathom that he knew nothing. May God have mercy on your soul>

You should of walked away from the relationship since you couldn't handle his little joanna and your kids. At least she would still be alive. People sometimes need help and its a shame you didnt ask for it, before it came to this. Such an innocent life taken. There is no forgiving the taking of a little babies life.

That is the kind of bond that they should have set for the drunk driver that killed the two boys.Maybe even higher since it was 2 boys that he killed.

My prayers are with the families, and her other children.

This story has made me cry for days, no child deserves this ,she better not claim having imaginary friends too. I hope the prosecution learned from the Cassey Anthony case and not let this creature walk. Wait she can do a walk .. towards death row!!!!!!!!!!

Get what you deserve and may you rott in hell

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