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Texas officials debating how to spend Prop 1 money

Eighty percent of Texas voters approved a measure this month to increase transportation funding without raising taxes or fees.

In Texas, a new kind of space race emerges

  Someday capsules sent aloft from a New Mexico desert will whisk celebrity passengers on flights into suborbital space.

Thanksgiving rescue: Two boys buried alive under 5 feet of snow in New York

Two little boys have something to be thankful for this year after they narrowly escaped being buried alive under a pile of snow in New York.

Texas Officials Debating How to Spend Prop 1 Money

Eighty percent of Texas voters approved a measure this month to increase transportation funding without raising taxes or fees.

Man who shot Mexican Consulate, federal courthouse, Austin police HQ killed

A man shot up a federal courthouse and a Mexican consulate -- which he also seemingly tried to set ablaze -- early Friday before being shot dead outside the Austin, Texas, police headquarters, that city's police chief said.

Mom leaves sign for Christmas decoration thief

There's a Grinch on the loose in Texas.  A Saginaw family said someone swiped their Christmas decorations.

Criminal Appeals Judge Price: I oppose death penalty

    *This story has been updated throughout. 

Criminal Appeals Judge Price: I Oppose Death Penalty

*This story has been updated throughout. A Republican judge on Texas’ highest criminal court says he now opposes the death penalty.

Court declines to stay Panetti's execution

  Updated Nov. 26, 3:40 p.m. Texas’ highest criminal court has again refused to halt Scott Panetti’s looming execution.

EPA Proposes Ozone Crackdown, Rankling Texas Officials

Over the objections of Texas officials, the Obama administration on Wednesday proposed a long-delayed rule to slash levels of ozone – a smog-forming pollutant known to worsen asthma, lung disease and heart conditions.

Puppies in New Mexico prison

You can't hold a class in compassion, but women at the New Mexico Women's Correctional Facility say they've learned the quality by taking care of puppies around the clock.

Last contested vote for Texas House Speaker was in 1975

    The Texas House of Representatives appears poised to hold its first contested vote for House Speaker in 40 years.

Five children dead in Texas fire

A father fought desperately to save his five children from a fire in Edna, Texas Tuesday, but was unable to make his way through the flames.

For Rep.-Elect Molly White, Abortion Changed Everything

BELTON — Molly White keeps a few essentials in her 2009 white Cadillac Escalade: Rubber fetuses in sizes that reflect different stages of pregnancy.