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Perry to require state agencies to use E-Verify

Nearly two weeks after President Obama announced an executive order on immigration, Gov. Rick Perry announced an order of his own.

Federal Appeals Court issues stay for Panetti

      *Editor's note: This story has been updated.

Lower Speed Limits Coming in Drilling Areas

With accident rates soaring on some roads in the state's bustling oil fields, the Texas Department of Transportation is stepping up efforts to lower speed limits on particularly dangerous routes.

Lower speed limits coming in drilling areas


VIDEO: Woman stabs people at random on New Orleans sidewalk

Editor's Note: This video contains violent material which may be considered graphic in nature.  Authorities are searching for a woman who was stabbing people at random in New Orleans.

Caught on cam: Sleepy bandit

When an Austin, Texas business owner went into work this weekend he found more than he bargained for - a strange intruder. The owners are relieved he came for nothing more than a good night's sleep.

Texas Most Wanted: Violent sex offender sought by DPS

The reward for Jeffrey Ortiz, 37, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender and this month’s featured fugitive, has been increased to $8,000 for information leading to this capture if the tip comes in during the month of December.

Albuquerque Police seek mystery gunman

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico turned up nothing Monday in their search for a heavily armed man that witnesses said was firing shots as he walked down a busy street.

Mental Health Initiative for Veterans to Take Next Step

For Tony Solomon, an Army veteran turned behavioral health advocate, a newly announced state initiative is just what Texas needs to focus on the coordination of mental health care programs for veterans.

Fracking a "Nuisance," Denton Tells Court

One day before its first-in-Texas ban on hydraulic fracturing is set to take effect, Denton called the oil and gas extraction technique a “public nuisance” that the North Texas town has the right to regulate.

Customized caskets made for children killed in mobile home fire

A small town is rallying around a family who lost five children in a house fire. One business owner is paying his respects , with a special gift to the family, Kevin Reece has the story.

University of Texas offers Beyonce, Rihanna feminism course

Beyonce takes center stage at the University of Texas Austin. This Spring, students will be able to take a unique course featuring the superstar, Amanda Brandeis has the story.

New Culprit Threatens a Park's Rebirth Years After Fire

Greenery has begun to cover the scars of a devastating fire that ripped through 32,000 acres of Central Texas three years ago.

DuPont says plant leaked 23,000 pounds of toxic gas


In Texas, a new kind of space race emerges

Someday capsules sent aloft from a New Mexico desert will whisk celebrity passengers on flights into suborbital space.