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As Campaigns Conclude, It's Up to the Voters Now

If Texas Democrats win a statewide race Tuesday night, it'll be an upset.

Lawyers Seek New Exam for Death Row Client

A schizophrenic Texas death row inmate set for execution in December hasn't been evaluated in nearly seven years, and his mental state may not allow him to be legally put to death, his attorneys argued in an emergency court motion filed Mon

SpaceShipTwo disaster: 'Feathering' problems revealed

(CNN) -- It could take a year to figure out what caused the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo to disintegrate in the sky, killing one co-pilot and raising questions about the future of commercial space flight.

Deer season underway in Texas

Well within the memory of many Texas Baby Boomers, some Hill Country schools used to give students a holiday on the first day of deer season.

Battleground misfires on turnout memo


Jail closed after investigation reveals pills for sex trade

The Sierra County Detention Center in Truth or Consequences is shut down indefinitely. The decision to close the controversial facility comes after several months of controversy.

Disappearing Rio Grande

The horses are everywhere. We have found their droppings and skeletons scattered around our camps. While we are paddling, we see them chomping down on just about everything green on both sides of river.

West Texas oil drilling frustrates some farmers

Dennis Seidenberger has farmed cotton for 49 years in this close-knit community 40 miles southeast of Midland. Farming is a way of life that he passed on to his son, and one that he hopes will stay in the family for generations.

Fan Van hits UTEP, serves up sobering message

When it comes to football a lot of people have crazy rituals they might do for their team. 

Early voting turnout rate down in most of state

As early voting wraps up Friday, Democrats hoping to end their two-decade statewide electoral drought by drawing more like-minded voters to the polls could be facing a bleak picture.

Bodies found in Matamoros confirmed to be missing Texas siblings

A Progreso mother's worst nightmare just confirmed, her three children were among the four bodies discovered in Matamoros, Mexico on Wednesday.

South Texas mother receives word 3 children were kidnapped and beaten while visiting father in Mexico

A South Texas mother's worst nightmare was confirmed Thursday.  Her three children were among the four bodies discovered in Matamoros, Mexico Wednesday.

Texas mother charged with prostituting children

A 35-year-old  woman and 46-year-old man are behind bars for allegedly coercing the woman's daughters into prostitution. And now, the girls are five months pregnant.