State Senator Eliot Shapleigh Weighs In On Election Result


POSTED: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 12:18am

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 6:02pm

State Senator Eliot Shapleigh is weighing in on tonight's voting results for EPISD, after making accusations against the district and Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia last week - calling them cheaters.

"What killed Garcia's tax increase was teachers 'who would not take it anymore' (their words, not mine). That teachers voted against their pocketbooks to help our children get better schools is what this election is all about," Shapleigh said.

In a news conference last week, Shapleigh said he asked for a federal investigation into the district. He's accused the district of making low-performing students at schools like Bowie disappear on TAKS test day so the school could get a better grade and could pull some bonus money for Garcia.

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Another reason why the public voted against the EPISD bond election is that we are tired of paying for the education of all the students from Mexico that come across every day. Whether they are legal or not it is a burden on the tax payer and EPISD should first bring this under control. This will certainly bring the cost of education to a more equitable level. Thereafter the adminstration should also concentrate on controlling expenses.

I am a teacher here in the district and I know first hand what the EPISD provides for me each year. This district is incredible and I have taught in 4 other states. I took a small group of students to a local broadcast of a New York Opera that had never even been in a theater. I have had students who handed me their colored bandana and told me they were leaving their gangs.I make a difference because my district and my community believe in me and I am saddened at the results of this election.

Garcia had said that he and 13 other top administrators would not get a raise if this passed. If he's looking to make cuts I think those 13 are a good place to start!

I appreciate Shapleigh's willingness to stand up and enlighten El Pasoan's about the incompetency in the leader of the the EPISD. One does not have to ever have had one on one dealings with the head of our schools but just read his remarks and comments in the Times. He never effectively addresses the issues and most of his remarks and defensive in nature, such as "it is hurtful" that Shapleigh made these comments. Once again proving that it is all about Garcia and not our children and schools

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