State Senate Votes to Crack Down on Driver's Licenses for Illegals


POSTED: Friday, April 29, 2011 - 2:03pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 29, 2012 - 11:44am

EL PASO – Texas is – once again, at the forefront of the immigration debate. The State Senate has passed a bill that would make it illegal for undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license. The measure is part of a larger border security bill, and has not been signed into law, yet. But, it's already causing a stir in the Borderland.

As a matter of policy, Texas denies driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. But, the State Senate took the first step of turning policy into law. El Paso Senator Jose Rodriguez (D) was one of the five who voted against it.

“[It] will likely result in roadblocks for legal immigrants trying to obtain driver's licenses or identification cards,” said State Senator Rodriguez.

Many locals are in-step with the lawmaker.

“Anyone should get a license. This is a free country. I think we all deserve our license and our rights,” said Vanessa Reyes.

Others pointed out that even if you're against giving illegals licenses, it would be a good way to track down crime suspects.

“I think they should have a license with some restrictions, so that police know who they are, and where they're going,” said Eduardo Garcia.

However, one woman said she supports the law, for a personal reason.

“I...lost my passport, so I have a hard time crossing, and I use my Texas ID...and my birth certificate...why would they get to have one, if I'm struggling, and they don't even have documents to be legally in the United States?” said Emperatris Cabrera.

The bill now goes to the State House.

Only three states in the U.S. allow illegal immigrants to obtain a state driver's license. New Mexico is one of them.

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I believe that it is not necessary for them to acquire TX Driver's License if they are not Texas Resident's or US citizens. This opens up the notion that they are citizens and not illegal immigrants by having a TXDL. They can acquire a TX ID for identification purposes accompanied by their passports/VISA's or Resident Alien Cards. I also disagree to have driving test (written) given in Spanish if all the road signs are in English.

i totally agree. They should be able to get a permit that says they know the traffic laws of this country but it should be of a completely different design and graphic then a normal DL so any cop can know they are not a U.S. Citizen in which turn the cop can ask for their passport/etc to check with immigration if their papers are up to date to be in this country. E-Verify!

Does mexico have a DL test in english for us? If not then why do we have to? Double standards!

Vanessa Reyes you forget a DL is not a right but a priveledge so you or I do not have a right to have one. Hince why DPS can take it away at anytime.

Secondly with a DL you can open up loans, utility bills, and etc committing fraud because there is nothing a business can do to get their money back if they are from across the border.

Thirdly they fight to keep this in their wallet but they kick and scream "no!" to carrying their visa/documents when AZ did their thing?

Doesnt make since

The bones of American Indians in New Mexico must be turning in their graves!
Mangas Coloradas and Geronimo both Apaches in this would be angry that illegal aliens are allowed anything in the U.S.

The Mexican government in the 1800's enacted a law called

And now New Mexico allowed illegal aliens
a driver's license in this territory?

I hope this is passed into law. This country isn't as free as we are lead to believe. Why should illegals have drivers licenses? They don't belong here in the first place! As for that idiot Rodriguez, so we just give up because there is a possible snag? No! It may be more work but hard work pays off. Keep those resource-sucking vampires out of here so that those of us who are REAL Americans (born and naturalized) can live our lives in peace! Gosh, they're like flies buzzing around our faces.

Tell me, were any gringos--you know, white Americans--interviewed for this "story"? Looks like only Latinos were. Does this sound like a "fair and balanced" piece to you? Let's find out what the Gringos think about this bill.

Now if we could only crack down on illegals! What a wonderful world....

Vanessa Reyes-Yes you are right it is a free country for those who are legally here. For those who are illegal, it is not free, though they get everything for free at the expense of the taxpayer.

How can an illegal immegrant not pay local tax, or state tax? The federal tax may not be paid, mcare, ss. but they are receiving SS checks? The federal government as been stealing our money since 50s, but we complain about hard workers who couldnt by any legit means become a part of this great nation, but still they labor through blood and sweet so they can feed their families. I say we kill them, burn their babies while we eat cake and screw them for profit until we explode in the sith pool

how about adding immigration checks on public schools?

When will peole here in El Paso " get it" probably never. Illegal immigrants from any country, which includes Mexico, which many Mexicans feel American laws do not apply to them, do not have the same righs as American citizens in the USA. Why don't they protest in MEXICO like they do in the USA? Why doesn't MEXICO want to take care of their people? Really, a driver licene to illegals who have no legal rights in the USA.

I don´t know why this is even an issue? To drive a car you need a valid ID, an address where you can be located in case of an accident and insurance. If you don´t have all 3 you can forget it. This is the same problem we have in Juarez, people are driving cars with no license plates and when something happens the victims can´t trace them and make them accountable. The why this happens? YES, illegal can´t trace them, that is there edge....;-) And that is what and how it is!

About time.

my wife got her license in georgia as a permenant legal immigrant. she didn't have any roadblocks like this one senator thinks will happen. so i'm sure Senator Rodriguez is against it for other reasons he'd rather not tell the media

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