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State House debate on Campus Carry begins Thursday

State House debate on Campus Carry begins Thursday
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 9:23pm

No one can carry a gun on any type of school campus.  The question is raised, should Concealed Handgun License Holders be able to carry guns on campus?

"Violence makes more violence," UTEP student Gehbrel Behar said.  "If there's more guns, then there's probably more chances of people getting hurt".

"On campus I mean I think it would be ok," said UTEP student Angelica Najera.  "I mean, if you carry it everywhere else why not here. It's an open campus anyone can come in".

Do students know what having a CHL means?

"Umm I don't really know that much about it," said Behar.  "But I think they're the people who owns a gun?".

Not exactly.  Having a CHL means you've gone through a more rigorous FBI  background check than to just buy a weapon and you've taken classes.

The divisive issue is up for debate Thursday at the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee meeting.  It's open to the public and headed by El Paso's own Representative Joe Pickett.

"Probably will be quite well attended," said Rep. Pickett. "There are lots of opinions on both sides. We've received hundreds of calls and emails over the past couple of days".

Rep. Pickett is not sure how many days the hearings will last, but says it's his job to hear out the public.

He'll hear from universities, faculty and students, all divided by the issue.

None of these decisions will be made tomorrow.

You can watch the meeting live at:

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