Spring Cleaning Can Pay

Spring Cleaning Can Pay
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 6:46pm

Behind the garage door, is a secret shame for a lot of us....junk. For many people, a garage sale just doesn't work.  But, a lot of clutter around the house has value. Tools, musical instruments, working appliances and electronics and jewelry are all items that are commonly bought at pawn shops.
Saul Frank has been in the pawn business since the 70's. He says the short term loans for useful household merchandise fills a need for quick cash that you can't get elsewhere.  " Two hundred dollars, fifty dollars, five hundred dollars.... can't really go to a bank. If they have something of value, they can get a quick cash loan in just a few minutes and they are out of here.  "A lot of people that are cleaning out...spring cleaning, they sometimes bring us stuff that we can't buy. So we have to make sure that it's working, and in good condition, because if someone wants to buy it, they want to buy something in good condition."  Those who trade items for cash have sixty days to repay the loan to get their stuff back, if they want it.

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