Spring Breakers get drunk driving warning

Spring Breakers get drunk driving warning
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 9:10pm

"As i pulled onto the main street, I drove less than a block and saw the lights right behind me," said Patrick Francis.

He was pulled over for DWI and now volunteers for M.A.D.D.

Firsthand knowledge of getting a DWI, isn't something you want.

"It's a bad situation," Francis said.

He left a bar after having 8 beers and was pulled over within seconds of starting his car.
Francis says that was his lucky break.

"Your best option is getting pulled over by the police officer, rather than being in a crash or a fatal crash at that," he said.

That's why TXDOT put together the "Not so Fun House".

Spring is the most dangerous time on the roads, for alcohol related crashes.

"Something really devistating can end up happening in their life," said TXDOT Traffic Safety Specialist Monica O'Kane.

Kids and adults are learning just how impaired alcohol can make them.

"I felt disoriented from the start just putting the goggles on," Jeremiah Mahaffey said. "I couldn't even find the gas peddle at first".

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