Spike in Gun Sales during Holiday Season

Spike in Gun Sales during Holiday Season

POSTED: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 6:03pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 12:14am

EL PASO - Pistols, rifles take your pick, it may seem unconventional but guns are a popular present under the tree.

"The guys came in and said yeah, I get a gun every Christmas my wife buys me a present and just asks me what gun I want to get," Garcia said.

Sales are up around 30% at CWS Guns, but Hector Garcia says it may not all have to do with Christmas.

"You see a lot of the election stuff on the news normally that spurs some time of gun purchases as well," Garcia said.

Gun owners like Ernest Talamantes have been shooting for decades.

"I play a little golf too, but I like to go out and shoot," Talamantes said.

He says it's a hobby just like any other.

"A lot of us are into guns and so that's a lot of what we talk about. We like to go shooting together so usually during this time of the year we know that sales are going on and we want to get out and see what we can find," Talamantes said.

Talamantes says just like normal stores, it's the sales that attract more customers.

"The prices drop during the holiday because the people want to sell more so that's a good time to go out and look around to try and find what you want. There are a lot better prices this time of the year," Talamantes said.

And if you're thinking about purchasing a gun for yourself.

"Now's the time to buy a gun. Prices are low. Historically prices always go up around election time. There's always an increase in ammunition, guns, always go up," Garcia said.

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Better buy your guns now and plenty of ammo. Only God knows what 2012 will bring. And we surely don't want more of the same.

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