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Spendy Sneakers

POSTED: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 - 10:02am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 3:25pm

Man pays $3,000 for $43.00 shoes. Why?

Sneakers can be expensive. But a Valencia County, New Mexico man may have shelled out a few thousand bucks for a pair without actually knowing it.

The sneakers on his feet were getting quite shabby, so he walked into a Los Lunas shoe store recently to buy a pair.

"He bought the shoes, put them on his feet and left the old shoes behind," said Chief Roy Melnick of the Los Lunas Police Department.

But what is strange is how the man paid for his shoes—he used old coins.

"It's pretty suspicious," Melnick said. "Nobody turns in seven coins for a pair of shoes unless they're probably stolen property."

The man may have had no clue what the coins were actually worth.

Suspecting the coins might be stolen, a bank employee called police after the shoe store deposited them. They included an 1882 silver dollar, a 1990 silver dollar, a 1982 FDR silver dollar, a troy ounce silver coin, along with three other unidentified coins.

According to a police report, a bank employee said three of the coins could be worth a thousand bucks each.

The chief hopes someone will recognize the coins and call them. But they will also have to identify three other coins that the chief is not displaying.

As for the possible suspect, he could be wearing Reeboks worth about $43.

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