Special Report: Sexorcism

Special Report: Sexorcism

POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 10:25am

UPDATED: Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 7:43pm

Can Gays be turned Straight? It's a Heated Debate

A mental sickness that can be cured.
That's how one local pastor describes homosexuality.
Pastor Tom Brown is never afraid to voice his opinion on gay issues.
One of his most controversial claims is that he can convert gay people, back to being straight.
But not everyone believes it's possible.
Some say his teachings are dangerous and harmful.
Tonight NewsChannel Nine's Monique Griego will introduce you to a man that says he's been cured.
It's a story you won't want to miss.

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This guy Brown is a complete lunatic. God's word is LOVE and not HATE!!! He is spreading HATRED and you can see it in his evil face and eyes. The Bible warns us about these type of people (MATT.-Chp.7,15-25). I can only pray for this lost individual. May GOD forgive him. He needs all the help (prayers) he can get. Acceptance is not Approval. He needs to change himself before he changes anyone else. May GOD help and save him!!!!

Aeah truthfulydumb!!!!! be quite dont pass judgement!!!he is not trying to change anyone thats Gods duty...he is just providing a solution to people that are confused about they're sexuality!let he that is with out sin cast the first stone your tossing them cant compare stones to boulders!!!right back at ya!!

Lol! You are the lunatic! 1 Timothy 1:8-10 clearly talks about False Teachers! Read what verse 10 says! It clealry states homosexuality in that verse!

Also 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is very clear about homosexuals and others wont be able to enter the kingdom of God! People!!!!! READ YOUR BIBLE!!! Don't keep taking parts and pieces to make yourself feel better about your sin!!!

Word Up mzkman711 props on that one home boy nuff said you spoke on it son!!!I just hope all those folks bashing openly on P.B earned that freedom to do so!!!cause some of us have to earn that right!!!!I commend anyone who stands up for truth!!!!right wrong up down black white it is what it is....

Rev Brown is an idiot. The fraud is there is no God, the whole religion theory is a fraud. For Tom Brown to espouse religion as a means to his idea that homosexuality is a sin against God is is just simnply based on a falsehood. How can it be a sin against god when there is no god. The whole thing that jesus died for our sins is just ignorance. Is it any wonder that Hitler,
Stalin, Jim Jones, or David Koresh came to power with so many people willing to listen to an idiot like Tom Brown.

First and foremost it is very insensitive and ignorant in this day and age to put this gentleman in the same category as Hitler and Stalin. We live in America. We as a nation should have come along a lot farther than to bash one another on opinions based on what our beliefs and values are in society. We must come together to bridge the gap of ignorance on both sides.

life liberty and the pursuit of happiness far supercedes any religion and certainly any thing Tom Brown the idiot speaks.

Who died and made this idiot think he's God? I thought Jesus excepted all kinds of people no matter their life style according to the Bible. Has Brown made up his own Bible and added a new chapter to it? People who are homosexual have enough of a hard time being excepted by not only strangers but people from their own family. People should except others for just beng able to get along with each other. Why do you as a news station allow this idiot to even have air time?

I thank God for a Godly man like Pastor Tom Brown who is willing to stand up for the truth. I can't understand how society can try to say homosexuality is normal. God did not create Adam and Steve. He made Male and Female and told them to be fruitful and multiply. Sin is the reason for all the sexual perversion we see in the world. Why, man loved the darkness more that the light. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and if your a homosexual and want to change you can call on Jesus Christ now.

The point that everyone seems to be missing is that Ptr. Brown is a salesman.He has a business to run and with out his congrigation,the man can not make a living.KTSM are also businessmen, they too must have their following in order to function.As long as stories like this(stir up controversy)are aired,we will talk, blog, tweet and FB them and will drive their ratings.Don't hate on them for trying to make a living.I wish them well.I don't buy into it, but its entertaining

If God can cure homosexuality, can he cure your ignorance, too? Shaming and humiliating a person into becoming like you isn't helping. Its brainwashing. Narrow minds should be accompanied by closed mouths. Fearing and condemning an someone you don't understand doesn't make you a hero, it makes you a coward.

Ok, so Pastor Brown believes that homosexuality can be healed if the individual so desires it? Does anyone out there have proof to state otherwise? If science can't explain it,why is it so difficult to believe that for some homosexuals, this could be a spiritual matter or a matter of the soul? Yet, everyone is so quick to judge and start saying hateful things. If the report we saw today can help just one person, one gay man or woman who may be hurting, why ridicule it?

It's called brain washing. What he does is he just fills people up with ideas untill they start believing them and repress their feelings."Pastor" Tom Brown is an ignorant idiot.

yeah yeah what ever foolonso!!! post something of substance dude not things just to hear your self talk!!!Blah Blah Blah!!!

Christians!!! Paul says in the bible not to get caught up in useless debates. It also says that in the last days people will be willingly ignorant. So don't argue with these blind people. Pray for them that their eyes would be opened to the truth! The bible plainly states that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION in Gods eyes! That is why He destroyed Sodom and Gamhora! That is where we get the term sodomy. Just lift them up in prayer!!!

sex out of wedlock is also a sin...should all the people who have sex and are not married be cured as well.

Get with the times people. Open your minds, accept change. Pray for yourselves for being so closed minded. YOu are going to live an unhappy life. Learn to embrace.

Living in judgment is also a sin... should I go on.

the title of this article is plain STUPID! Someone needs to be a little more creative in their writing!

If thats being a professional, I want nothing of it, oh yeah, I don't anyway!

You're article is biased and downright ignorant!

Why is everyone saying coming down so hard on Pastor Tom, he never called anyone names, he never said anything that wasn't out of love, he never said anything but that God can heal a person, the only ones I see calling names and acting immature are the ones who are homosexual. I have friends who are and relatives that are homosexual., and Pastor Brown is right, my cousin was gang raped by several men when she was young, and the other one got into drugs and he sister was killed because of drugs.

Well, unfortunate that those things happened to your cousin, but you're blaming the wrong community for their problems. People need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Really?!?! Im not a homosexual..and I still believe that Pastor Tom is the one who needs to be cured. And what does homosexuality have do with anybody being raped and doing drugs? You do know that strait people do drugs as well and rape people right? Homosexuals are people too. You probably should open your eyes and learn to love them, thats what the Bible says...to love all equally

i mean why is everyone coming down hard on the pastor.

has journalism stoop to high school levels? This seemed like one of those high school bash site things. Grow up ppl

In totally agreement that Pastor Brown never claims him alone heals anything disease, desire to be gay, he is a true man of God and he makes it clear that only Jesus can heal!!! Im on Pastor's side and thinks everyone else is the fruitiest fruit cake!!!

Was this story a joke? A way to publicly bash and make a big joke of Pastor Brown? To me this whole "sexorcism" story was completely unprofessional. Starting with the title.I pray when I become a reporter I will never make a joke of my title (reporter). I always thought that there should be an opposing side and agreeing side and the reporters were suppose to be seen as on neither side? As I watched this i got the impression right off the back that this news station made Pastor a big joke.

Hello Barb,

If you get a response saying we rejected this comment, it's because you posted it twice.

Thank you

this pastor is a nut!! he calls himself a "man of god" yet he hasn't even learned the first rule in the bible -- love your neighbor!! seriously what's next: claim he can makes blacks become white? this is the kind of people that are ruining our society!! yes i'm gay and roman catholic and my church has accepted me because i'm still the same person i just attracted to men instead of women. also god created everyone in his image and he made them perfectly so why is he destroying god's work?

The pastor never said anything mean or hurtful. when the gay community went to Word of Life church during service, with their signs screaming things, during the coldest night of the year, not one member of the church said anything mean to them. Pastor Brown invited everyone into the warm chuch, told them they could use our restrooms, and have hot chocolate, all he asked was for them to live their signs outside. It's you guys, saying nasty stuff, judging him and acting like crazy people.

See a lot of hate and incorrect info on these comments, but it is not from Pastor Brown. Before you comment about his claims you might try actually reading the Bible, cover to cover and finding out what God's plan for people and the world actually was and then maybe you would understand that there is no hate here from Tom Brown, but a sincere love for those that are caught in a life style, caused by a spiritual disease and an offer of actual help and God's healing for those who disire it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why do people insist on forcing their views onto others? This is why we are hated by so many other countries. Live your own life, and stay out of the lives of others. If there is a hell, it's full of intolerant people who point fingers at others' sins instead of trying to resolve their own.

Actually Pastor Brown can't cure anyone, and I'm sure he never said he could. Only Jesus can cure any man or woman from any sickness or disease; including the body and mind and heart.

Homosexuality is a disease of the heart.

I know that Pastor Brown & Word of Life Church loves everyone but doesn't agree or condone everyone's lifestyle and neither do you.

ANYONE can be changed under the power of God; even you.

I pray that your eyes would be open to the Truth!

Homosexuality is a disease? Really? Show me the research on that. Just provide links to Scholarly journals that state that homosexuality is a disease. Chances are when you start looking for that you will find that homosexuality is normal, a gene. You don't learn this, you dont "get this" like a disease. Its who a person is, like their skin color, their eye color. There is extensive research that shows that homosexuality is a gene you are born with. Educate the brain, feed the soul!!!

yes well I don't want to be saved. and even if he doesn't agree he attacked us with his proposition on benefits.

I watched tonight, and I found that you were not listening to Pastor Brown at all, Everything he said was turned around for your own purpose. First of all who came up with the title, and second, pastor Brown never said he could heal a person, he said that God(Jesus) could heal a person, but a person had to want to change. I feel your news stationed put him on to make a joke out of him. God made Adam and Eve man and woman, and said to go out and produce. two man can't make a baby ans so on....

I have heard and seen many men delivered from homosexuallity it is a process and only through Gods word and intervention will these people be delivered. The homosexuals must be willing to accept they are in sin and want Gods help. He does love everyone including sinners but regardless this kind of sin will not allow them into heaven I just pray that more of these sick indivisuals would seek God and ask him if this is what he wants for them he would not have made them this way no one is born gay

how can you not see how ridiculous these religious claims are? if your god made everything, then it made homosexuals. and if that god doesn't want its own creations to act in accordance with the way they were "created", then that god is a total jerk. what kind of benevolent deity would deliberately inflict its own creations with the predisposition for eternal torment? that god is scary, horrible, mean, and not worth considering.

your god is either a monster or a myth. you decide.

chickenhead blah blah blah what ever your really mad at your father!!!dont blame anyone else especially not the Man up stairs!!!

Well, I am sure if the homosexuals are not "willing" to "seek" God's help "Good Christians" like you and Tom Brown will force them to accept. Or just judge and shame them until they feel so bad about themselves that they take their own lives. Or you might just enspire other less intelligent people to take those poor unwilling homosexuals lives for them. Congratulations.

Thank you Channel 9 for giving air time to Tom Brown. You have allowed this "Hater in the name of Christ" to feel legitimized!! Is there nothing more important going on in the world that could be aired? There was only one perfect person who walked this planet long ago, who could judge others. Guess what...It was not and is not Tom Brown!!

The man is a Media whore, Stop giving this idiot air time.

one can no more "cure" homosexuality than one can "cure" heterosexuality. "the gay" is not a disease, illness, or sickness. that is a fact.

anyone who believes otherwise believes in falsehood and is not worth listening to. why is he even given time on the airwaves and on your news feed? he is NOT an expert on biology, human sexuality, psychology, or even cultural norms.

he's just some guy who picked up a Bible and started blathering. quacks, those are called.

As they say..... Once a cheater always a cheater, Once a pedophile ALWAYS a pedophile!!!!

are you saying that homosexuals are all pedophiles? do you know the actual definition of a pedophile? If you look up the definition, you may also find something about Catholic priests who are pedophiles. Ironic how that works out.

That person wasn't commenting about homosexuals. He was talking about the wonderful Publicity Seeker.

Pastor Brown, with all due respect to your position, but as a person, all the lights are on, but nobody is home. You are fruiter than a nutcake.

Although I haven't seen the story yet I'm posting a comment. I've heard Tom Brown in person before and as a cliche, he's one of many that loves hearing his own voice. It's hard not to post a comment about him without dropping a Senator Larry Craig mirrored joke down. All he loves to do is cause division and friction, and what irks me is that he claims it to be a disease. Like a light switch that can be dimmed from off to on. It's hard to hear his ideas when he's all the way back in the 1950's

Jesus died for us 2000 yrs ago is he old fashioned out of date?

yes he is, 2000 years is a long time.

Ha! Can you convert pedophile religious leaders or other predators? You're a nut Pastor Brown.

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