Space station crew marks Thanksgiving in orbit

Space station crew marks Thanksgiving in orbit
Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 10:31pm

The current crew of the International Space Station marked Thanksgiving with zero-gravity-friendly packets of smoked turkey, rehydrated cornbread dressing and a Russian side dish high above Earth.

U.S. astronaut Kevin Ford, the commander of the three-man Expedition 34 crew, showed off the menu in a NASA video. He said he and his Russian crewmates, Evgeny Tarelkin and Oleg Novitskiy, would eat the traditional meal in orbit, adding a Russian mashed-potato-and-onion dish to the American holiday's traditional favorites and washing it down with a cranberry-peach drink.

Ford, Tarelkin and Novitskiy arrived at the station in late October for five-month stint aboard the station. The previous crew returned home Sunday night -- but not without leaving behind a jar of marshmallow cream for Ford's candied yams.

Three additional members are slated to join the Expedition 34 crew in late December.

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