South Texas love triangle between sheriff's office coworkers turns deadly

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 12:28pm

One man dead and another suffering from a self inflicted gun shot wound after an eight hour hostage stand off in Brownsville.

Police confirm all three of the people involved worked at the Cameron County Sheriffs Office. The two men were jailers, the woman worked as a nurse. Police say it involves a love triangle.

An alleged lover is dead and the suspect was rushed by ambulance from the home after he shot himself in his midsection and surrendered. The hostage standoff all started about eight hours earlier between law enforcement and the shooter who has been identified as Marcos Gonzales.

"The suspect showed up at the residence and found his ex girlfriend with her new boyfriend," Brownsville Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said.

That's when the situation turned deadly at 203 Orchid Path. Police say Gonzales fatally shot the new boyfriend, Ivan Reyes. For the next nearly six hours, Gonzales held his ex-girlfriend, Monica Robles, hostage. Neighbors in the immediate area were forced to stay in their homes after Gonzales repeatedly fired from the house at police, as they were talking to him.

"I was terrified cause you never know bullets can go through anything. my parents just said go to the other side of the house and get under the bed the bullet can go through anywhere and I did exactly that," neighbor Eric Garcia said.

"She ran for her life, she ran for her life she had the opportunity and she was afraid because she thought her wasn't going to let her go and if she fled she was going to seal her own fate," Rodriguez said.

The police chief says after Gonzalez fired repeated shots at officers and into neighboring homes, that was enough. Swat agents threw tear gas into the home to disorient him and it worked. It also allowed the surviving victim, Monica Robles to flee from the home. With in about two hours, police say they wore Gonzalez down, where he surrendered to police ending the day long standoff.

Gonzales will be charged with homicide and several other charges.

Newscenter 23 has not heard back on Gonzales' condition.  

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