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South Korea on Edge


POSTED: Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 8:12am

UPDATED: Sunday, December 5, 2010 - 5:18pm

South Korea - South Korea remains on edge after Tuesday's surprise bombardment by the North.

South Korea's defense minister has resigned.

People living on the island shelled by the North Koreans are still picking up the pieces.

Ian Williams is there:

We traveled on one of the first ferries to resume service since Tuesday's attack.

To the very edge of North Korean waters where Yeonpyeong sits just a couple of miles from the disputed sea border.

The military was on high alert in the sky and at sea checking everyone leaving our boat.

The North Korean shells struck right at the center of this small fishing village, flattening a neighborhood of shops and homes.

These houses in the heart of the village seemed to have born the brunt of the attack, about a dozen have been destroyed, villagers saying the attack came completely without warning.

Many others were damaged, it seems incredible that only two civilians died, most were able to make it to shelters.

This 71 year old fisherman told me he hidden on his boat when the shells reigned in, he's now join the evacuation of civilians from the island.

Others are insisting on staying.

The villagers knew that they were on the front line and vulnerable but nobody expected this.

The government here in South Korea has come under enormous public criticism over the attack and today, od course that's led to the resignation of South Korea's defense minister.

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