Sound Off: Virgin Mary Apparition


POSTED: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 9:08am

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 7:26am

After our story first aired about an apparent apparition of the Virgin Mary in East El Paso, we asked you, “Do you believe this is an actual visitation from the Virgin Mary?”

This is your Sound Off.

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Our Lord grants phenomena like this in many places to encourage faith in those who know he made her the spiritual mother of everyone when he was on the cross. In these ways she shows her presence with her children in these times of spiritual darkness and secular denial of God and what he revealed through Jesus. Every day since 1981 the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing in person in Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzogovina.
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Actually the site is not org: my mistake.
While I was there 2 weeks 15-20,000 coming daily from all around the world, miracles were common.
The sun rose up down at sunset for 3 minutes. With no clouds lightning flashes filled the church many times before each apparition of Mary.
Outside by the church where she appears I saw Jesus and Mary 20 minutes filling the sun. Mary throned crowned as the Queen of Peace crown of stars 3 yr old Jesus on her lap crowned head on her heart.

It's a shadow cut the tree and see if it reappears. I am all for prayer but praying to a shadow is ridiculous.

You could make the rocks stop shouting God's name they would praise him even louder. Get rid of Him here, stop Him There. So if He chooses to use something to bring about his love I say fantastic. He can use anything even when we feel like putting Him in a box by excepting Him according to our wills.

I saw it, it is NOT a shadwow, it is ON THE WALL.

We as Catholics never pray to images nor statues nor do we ever worship Mary but only God the Holy Trinity.
Images are used as a means of focusing on who they represent like a photo of your mother helps you think of her but you love your mother not the image.
For those who imagine we break the first commandment in making or honoring images, contary to God's law, if they have a driver's license with their image on it are they not a lying to self hypocrite? Jesus showed he rejects those.

We are not trying to worship the Virgin Mary. I think many people are simply astounded by having the presence of our Holy Mother come to our city. I bet these homeowners are feeling truly blessed to have the image at their home.

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