Some Homeowners May Soon Pay Extra for Police Protection


POSTED: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 2:02pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 28, 2011 - 12:50pm

EL PASO - If you live in an unincorporated part of the county and you want to protect your home from burglars, you're going to need a permit.

This week, El Paso County Commissioners approved a measure requested by the Sheriff's Office to require permits for home alarm systems.

According to online documents, it would cost $30.00 for a three year permit. It would also allow the Sheriff's Office to fine homeowners $75.00 for the sixth or more false alarm. They could also charge you the full cost to send out emergency crews if the false alarm was caused by you.

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Telling and having sobriety check points helps deters Drinking and driving. Having Home alarm systems makes a burglar think twice Both can't stop it completely but it does have an effect. Charging a fee to deter crime and assist police/sherrifs is wrong. I understand about false alarms but car alarms do the same.

Its the same logic with the Electric Company wanting to raise rates because we don't use enough electricity. They pass laws for us to use money saving bulbs and to conserve energy. When we do its time to raise our rates.

So much for "To Serve and Protect"..... what a crock...

You guys are late, people in city limits already have to have a permit $26 every year and you'll be fined if your alarm goes off and they come out and you don't have one. This city is getting ridiculous, it's a wonder they don't charge us for breathing the air. How about the water company you pay $47 even if you don't use a drop of water. How do the elderly on a fixed income survive? They are charging us for everything that
they can think of, never mind we already pay crazy property taxes.

LOL serious! Gotta love the Gov't. drop your pants and bend over, they're gonna take you for a ride. I heard they were gonna start charging for reading and posting on here.

lol serious! gotta love the govt, drop your pants and bend over. they're gonna take you for a ride.

I don't agree with the permit cost. Maybe that should be a cost applied to the high pressure alarm salesmen with a stipulation that it CANNOT be passed on to the consumer
I do agree with the fines. If people acted responsably and used their alarms properly they won't have to pay the fines. It cost the taxpayer 10s of thousands a year responding to false alarms.
There is nothing in the constitution that says the police or fire department have to protect the individual. SCOTUS says so.

Boy, everybody wants to charge for this and that and everything, prices are sky high, utilities want more money-we the working people want a raise too..who is going to give us a raise to keep up with the money takers??

So now we have to watch out not only for thieves now for cops as well? They just want to get money no matter how and I thought it only happened in socorro where a judge named vidalez just wants the peoples money no matter what.

omg really???stop blaming the cops , they have nothing to do with this, but if its city ordinance then they have follow the law....GET OVER IT

Really? Stop blaming the cops? Read the article again. It states the sheriff department (whom are cops) are requesting this. Do you even own a home?

STOP! use your legal tax revenue ,and stop illegal charges FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD please feel free to read The Constitution. UPHOLD THE LAW remember?

We cannot allow a charge for service public protection EVER

and the elderly and disabled ? who need but cannot afford this, where is the reasonable access required by that little practiced document called the Constitution? Money not rights, typical demoNcrat govern?ment policy Rich get help F the poor and needy. Impeach crook and his crony thieves, Sherrif's Dept. DECIDE who's side you on? The greedy or the needy, your oath and Honor, or your greedy bosses lust for raises.................

Hey let's charge 5.00 to cell phones for 911! more money, more money ,more money


HEY lets charge 10.00 per litre for water from our fire trucks, more money more money more money more money more money

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