Some El Pasoans Start A New Career For A New Year

Some El Pasoans Start A New Career For A New Year
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 6:51pm

If you're unsatisfied with your job, it may be time to welcome the new year, with a new job. Apparently, that's what some El Pasoans are doing.

“Brand new year, new things happening and I'm really excited about it,” said Rebecca Rider.

Rider is starting the new year with a bang.

“I start my masters in business administration at UTEP the accelerated program and I finally have a new job so I'm starting the new year with a new position.”

Rider's previous job was only temporary and it ended two weeks ago.

“I was worried but I just kept on looking.”

If you're in the same situation she was in, now's the time for a new start..

“There's work available for you. if you really look for work, you will find a job.”

The people at Lofton Staffing said most job seekers stop their search during the holidays and around tax season. So they said now is the perfect time for you to get ahead.

“During the beginning of the year, when employees are getting their income tax, or receiving their income tax money, they like to spend that money before they go out to look for new jobs.”

Rider has some advice for you if you're looking for a new job for the new year...

“That's the big thing really being persistent.”

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