Some El Paso restaurants already 'ban' trans fats

Some El Paso restaurants already 'ban' trans fats
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Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 10:16pm

They've been widely used in processed foods since the 1950's, but for the last several years, we've known they're harmful.
The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday, they plan to begin the process of banning trans fats.

Trans fats are also called Partially Hydrogenated Oils. They're oils that solidify at room termpature, and they're found in things like donuts, frozen pizza, movie popcorn, and frosting.
The Food and Drug Administration is working to ban trans fats, but some El Paso restaurants already base their menus on foods without trans fats.

"We use no trans fats at italians," said owner and chef Keeley Cheshire. She's from England and spent many years in Italy learning to be a chef.

"We do run an authentic Italian kitchen," she said. "I use olive oil, butter 100% and peanut oil in my fryers".

It's been a good influence on some of the employees at Italians.

"Since I've been working here, I've really experienced the fresher side and I guess the more European side verses the American side," said manager Andrew Milliron.

Even still, he's not sure that every food should be without trans fats.

"I guess it's probably a healthier option," he said. "As far as taste wise, I really don't know".

Many go to the restaurant because they know eating real food is better than the processed stuff.

"I feel like what you eat is sort of like vitamins for your body," said customer Cristina Chavez.

Doctors say trans fats are the worst kind of fat for your heart because they raise levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.

Even though most believe staying away from trans fats is the healthiest option, they don't necessarily think it's the FDA's job to tell them not to.

"It's a personal choice, but at the same time I don't believe in government intervention in consumption," Chavez said.

"I think trans fats are a necessary part of the cultural experiences, but Lord knows what are we going to do in El Paso," said customer Chip Johns.

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