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Soldier Accused of Trying to Disarm Cop

Soldier Accused of Trying to Disarm Cop

POSTED: Monday, November 8, 2010 - 11:05am

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 9:29am

LAS CRUCES - A Fort Bliss soldier is under arrest on suspicion of trying to disarm a Las Cruces police officer.

Nicholas Deon Robinson, 22, is charged with not only trying to disarm the cop, but resisting the officer and assault on an officer.

The charges stem from what police call a loud party early Sunday morning.

Police rushed to the 2100 block of Virginia Pine Way where partiers were said to be disrupting the neighborhood.

An officer says Robinson refused commands and swung a fist in an effort to strike the officer.

The soldier is then accused of trying to take the cop's weapon.

After a short struggle, the officer took Robinson into custody.

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I too have returned from foreign conflicts to include 80's operations in central america. I am now also a 15 year police veteran. Armned conflict during military service is NO EXCUSE for assault on anyone to include law enforcement. Stop using the war as excuse for personal deficiencie and shortcommings. Other combat veterans moved on to become great citizens and upholding the law.

im a very proud parent of a soldier. in the same brigade this happen too. i know that we have alot of trouble soldiers. shame on us for not offering more help for them to get thru the affects of war. it makes me sad we can take the time to judge but never to thank them or help them. we judge a book by its cover..but we never know that person is willing to put thier life for ours.....

if your a soldier yourself. thank you for your service. and dont can be you>>>>>

Looks like conduct un-becoming of a soldier. They really need to start re-inforcing the idea that in uniform or out of uniform you are a representative of the united states army and you have a certain level of responsibility and conduct you must follow or do they not point that out in the soldiers handbook.

God bless our soldiers and return home safe to your loved ones!!!

Shameful; now, I'm very proud of our U.S. Military and that includes our Veterans but come on now. You and you alone should accept responsibility for your actions, but we all know that you've dragged your Supervisor, First Sergeant, and Commanding Officer into this mess now haven't you? soup for you!!!

you say shameful! i know different. this you man just returned from iraq fighting for our country...thats right...just returned.... you have no idea what this yout man is going through..shame on you for judging! he is not excusing his actions and neither am i . but i know him in a different way and no way would he have ever done this in a normal circumstances...this young man has put his life on the line for his fellow soldiers. he would have never hurt anyone. shame on you for judging....

So he just returned from Iraq and that gives him the right to abuse the law? How would you know he would not have hurt anyone? What purpose would he have in trying to disarm a police officer? To safeguard his bullits?

must be a soldier from 4/1 Bde

hopefully this will never happen to does not matter what brigade they are in....these men and women go thru so much to keep us safe and all you can do is judge.....

Have you ever considered the cop's mom and how she would feel about someone attacking him and trying to take his gun away from him? Have you considred that the cop is also out there protecting us from crime and people that take unwise actions like this soldier did? There are always two sides to every story. No matter how proud I am of our military, if they break the law they are to be punished.

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