Socorro Teacher Arrested


POSTED: Monday, April 19, 2010 - 5:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 4:23pm

Socorro - A teacher in the Socorro Independent School District is under arrest on charges of injury to a child.

The district confirms that a teacher from Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School had been arrested Monday afternoon by district police.

Jail records show Robert Brito, 53, had been booked by SISD police.

Parents told NewsChannel 9 Brito was a teacher and coach at Salvador H. Middle School.

We also found him listed as a coach on the school Web site.

The Socorro District would not confirm the teacher's identity because of policy, it did tell us the alleged incident happened last week between a teacher and a student at school.

After the allegations surfaced, the teacher was placed on paid leave.

Shortly after that, the teacher resigned and is no longer employed with the district.

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i can't believe he even did this i mean he used to talk me out of trouble and this was back in 2007 and yes i am a ex student from SSMS i used to go 6,7, and 8 grade :( that's not good at all i remember i used to eat lunch with him sometime's a i know all the teacher's he used to work with which is Mrs. Miriam Palmer and Mrs. Rosa Gonzalez oh and by the way my name is Victor Gonzalez

:( i remember i used to go to his class alot just to chill and i remember all his teachers that used to work for him i never thought he would do something like this he used to talk me out of trouble and this was back in 2007 and yes im a ex student from sanchez my name is victor gonzalez

theres no way that Brito is a nice man...for him to do this to a child...what a loser! Good thing they arrested him! and i hope he stays there for a while!!

huh huh huh im on the news (1:09) in red.......awsome

What kind of reporter are you?
Find the 100% of the story, this is unprofessional,did you go to school to write like this?is better not to.

Hello Armado,

I'm not sure what you found unprofessional, but there are certain facts we can't release because of litigation issues.
We will release more details in the near future.
We report facts - doing otherwise would be unprofessional.
Nothing here was factually incorrect.
Yes, I did learn that in school.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a, feel free to email me directly.


im very surprised coach brito was arrested. he was a good person with all the students and was very friendly. my friends and i would say hi to him and he would greet us back very friendly.

-student from sanchez

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