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Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 1:34pm

Socorro residents face the aftermath of the storm


POSTED: Friday, September 13, 2013 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 13, 2013 - 10:10pm

Families in Socorro started to mop and pump the water out their homes, unprecedented water levels reached a neighborhood located at Pattie Joe Drive, and some residents were left with little or nothing.


"It's a complete lost and nobody expected this, I think the city knew but apparently we didn't know much and were not informed" Socorro resident Arturo Galindo said.


"We realized that nothing was working and then all of a sudden we got completely flooded, nowhere to walk it was just something incredible something that we have never seen" Clint resident Hilda Gonzalez said.


Floors, doors, furniture and clothes were damaged after the rain; members worked all night and tried to save their belongings, one resident said the damage was devastating.


"I feel so bad because I've been living here for the past 38 years, we made this house we built it up and I feel bad because I'm losing my things" Socorro resident Maria Luisa Juarez added.


Other communities like Clint were severely affected Hilda Gonzalez’s front yard turned in to a big pool; she says no help has been offered from the city or the county.


"Everybody keeps on saying well it's their own problem, so it's upsetting and frustrating that you can't depend on your own city or government to come and help you" Gonzalez added.


"We had to bring family out to help us in, take everything out nothing was, nothing came from Socorro" Valerie Esparza said.


The Mayor of Socorro stated that shelters were opened to house the affected and that water pumps were sent to the most affected areas, but for these families what comes next is a challenge and they admit it won’t be easy


"Start from scratch remodel every room floors and everything see what we can get out of it" Galindo concluded.

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