Socorro Residents Call for Mayor Pro-Tem to Resign


POSTED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 5:26am

UPDATED: Friday, July 22, 2011 - 8:07am

SOCORRO - The political saga in Socorro continues as some residents are calling for the mayor pro-tem to step down. 

A Socorro councilman quit after getting caught in a drug sting.  Then voters recalled the city's mayor.  Now, Mayor Pro-Tem Jesse Gandara Jr. is under fire .

A group appeared before the city council during Thursday's meeting and demanded his resignation.  The group says it wants Gandara out of office for several reasons, including an investigation into the way he handled a sexual harrassment claim involving a Socorro police sergeant.

Ralph Duran is leading the recall attempt and said "He asked for the previous Mayor to resign because he was under investigation. He needs to take his own medicine. He needs to resign too. Until he proves himself innocent, or he's found guilty."

El Paso county leaders said Gandara is not the subject of any investigation.  During Thursday's meeting, Gandara denied wrongdoing and refused to step down.

"I understand there's axes to grind. I get it. But it is reprehensible. It is disgusting to read that article in the paper today and to see that they would make such accusations against me" Gandara said.

Former mayor Willie Gandara Sr. watched the meeting from the back row.

We'll continue to follow this story.

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Look at the pattern.All Gandaras are bad news.Time for them to go.Look at the pattern people.Gandara Sr-Recalled and Indicted
Gandara Jr-Says he's giving 90% of his salary. He gets a full paycheck from the County
Jessie Sr-Removed as superintendent in califonrnia for corrupt practices.
Jessie Jr-using public money for private use driveways for self gain. Why hasnt anyone raised the question about whose truck was used in the Varela drug bust? All in the family! Socorro doesnt need this trash!

Why is the Socorro Police Chief on administrative leave for alleged violations of city policy, when a Socorro Police Sgt. is on active paid duty, and still working etc., for allegedly violating Texas Law, ceiminal offenses... Why isnt that clown on administrative leave also? 2 Felonies and a misedmeanor???? Why is the media ignoring that? Checks and balances...

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