Socorro Mechanic Still Missing


POSTED: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 3:59pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 4:09pm

Joe Blea says he rented his lot to Ernesto Sanchez for more than six years and he can't believe he's gone.

Today, he was at the lot hanging up a sign in hopes of reaching Araceli Sanchez, Ernesto's wife.

"I put it there for his wife, Mrs. Sanchez, to call me because I want to know if she's going to open up the shop up again or not," Blea said.

Blea says Mrs. Sanchez closed up shop a day or two after Sanchez went missing.

"I saw her, she was crying and had tears in her eyes. She was really upset. You could tell," Blea said.

The two men spoke the day before Sanchez went missing and Blea says he can't imagine him skipping town.

"No he was a pretty serious person. He was always concerned about the business. He did a very good job on the business," Blea said.

Daniel de Anda from the Socorro Police Department is investigating and says Sanchez' wife is trying to help them figure out how her husband could disappear into thin air.

"We've interviewed his wife who is helping us a lot in reference to this missing person's case. We are going to speak to another person who may be a possible witness. At this time we don't have a motive," de Anda said.

Now without any new leads, police are trying to get the word out in case Sanchez left the state on his own or against his will.

"We've put information into all of the ports of entry that are here locally in El Paso. We're eventually going to ask for assistance from other agencies to try and locate this person," de Anda said.

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